A Moody Furniture-Style Bar & Gold REMY Winner

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Last updated on September 30, 2021

Looking at this empty wall what do you think it could use? If you said a bar, we’re thinking the same thing! We’ve had the privilege of working with these clients multiple times and they came to us wanting to make a statement bar for this space.

The wall is an ideal bar space as it’s in the kitchen but right next to the doors to their outdoor patio and pool. It’s also next to their beautiful baby grand piano to grab a drink before listening to music. Their goal was to have a bar/serving area for guests to get drinks without disrupting kitchen activities. They decided they didn’t need it to have a wet bar as it truly was to be a serving area. They looked to Nina Schmidt to help them design the bar.

Nina helped them create a furniture-style walk-up bar. They wanted display areas for wine bottles, glassware, and liquor as well as refrigeration for water & soda. They also wanted to be able to include storage for bar accouterments and finally a trash bin. The goal was to fit this all into the 6-foot space. A slightly tall order but Nina easily figured it out.







A brilliant bar

Nina and the clients didn’t want the bar to be a continuation of the kitchen and so they designed it to be a stand-alone feature. They did this by selecting darker cabinets which set the bar apart from the kitchen and draw attention to it. The Crestwood cabinets are painted and distressed which contrast beautifully with stained walnut accents and interiors. They selected stunning dark-honed African Fusion Brushed Quartzite. It’s a not only beautiful but very durable material.

They carried the flat panel style of the kitchen cabinetry doors into the door style of the bar. The darker, honed countertop coordinates with the island in the kitchen. Brushed quartzite countertops, full-height splash, and side splashes, along with aged German bronze cabinet hardware offer texture.

Lighting was key to taking this bar to the next level. We installed the outlets as plug mold to conceal them from view. Glass front cabinet interiors are illuminated with LED tape lighting. The under-cabinet lighting is also LED tape lighting. All lighting is controlled remotely so switches are hidden from view.

They contrasted the dark painted cabinets with stained walnut in the cabinet interiors and even carried this into the drawers.

The fridge drawers and wine fridge are paneled to contribute to the overall furniture look. 

The owner at first was worried that the side bulk ends and the header was too bulky for the space. She also questioned the need for curved side splashes as it is not typically seen in all designs. Once she saw the finished result her words were “It looks like it had always been there.” The bar is stunning and will be a well-used feature in the client’s home.