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Last updated on December 22, 2022

It’s funny how much our design preferences have changed in the last 25 years. When this Leawood home was built in 1994 showers were something you threw into a corner or small space. The design emphasis was often on the jetted tub. Over and over again we see this. Fast forward to today and everyone wants a large, tiled shower. We lead busy lives and even if our morning shower is rushed, we want to enjoy it! That was definitely the case with the homeowners. While their primarybathroom was spacious it didn’t fit their needs and was time for a change.

A 90’s Style primaryBath

The bathroom had a few unique elements that didn’t quite suit the homeowners. First of all, the shower was too small and dated. You can see a sneak peek of their shower with the brass-framed doors in the before photo. The plant or decorative ledge above the shower, vanity and toilet room and the actual bathroom ceiling created a disjointed look and actually made the bathroom feel smaller. The tub was the aforementioned jetted tub with dated tile and the overall bathroom just felt dark.

Bathroom - bathtub before Bathroom before

The Perfect Design

The homeowners reached out to Schloegel to help create a bathroom that better suited their needs. They knew they wanted to have a larger shower, a safer tub, and a more modern look. They worked with Ron Webster to create the perfect design.

The footprint and general layout of the bathroom remained the same but a few key changes made a world of difference. The walls were extended all the way to the ceiling making the bathroom instantly feel larger and a bit more private. A small awkward cabinet next to the shower was removed making room for a larger shower. The dated tile and jetted tub are gone and a beautiful soaker tub now sits in its place.

The homeowners also wanted to have a washer and dryer in the primarymaking tackling the chore a bit easier. Ron offered a solution that not only looked good but was functional. They hid the washer and dryer behind cabinets where the doors rolled open to the sides, making it easy to open and close.

A Fabulous primaryBathroom

Bathroom After

It’s hard to believe this is the same bathroom! Keith Brockman and the Schloegel team did a fantastic job and the results show for themselves. What was once dark and slightly awkward is now open, light and absolutely gorgeous! The inset cabinets are painted Sherwin Williams Dovetail Gray and topped with Cambria Ella quartz. The 12 x 14 floor tiles are Zebrino in Michelangelo and bring in some dimension. We’re big fans of wallpaper and this one is just right, it’s Serena & Lily Palmetto in Ink Blue. The accent wall brings in a punch of color and fun design.

Dark tile surrounds the new soaking tub highlighting the area and providing a subtle contrast. Kohler Artifact plumbing fixtures are used throughout the bathroom and definitely elevate the overall feel of the bathroom. This image also shows how the cabinets conceal the new washer and dryer.

The new shower turned out fabulous with its built-in bench, tiled niche and dual showerheads. The Kohler Artifacts fixtures are really showcased here! The shower walls are also Zebrino Michelangelo but in 6×24. The floor is Blue Lagos tile in Suede in a Herringbone mosaic.

Is it time to refresh your bathroom? Give us a call to speak with a Schloegel expert.

Ron Webster

Ron has been in the residential and commercial kitchen and bath industry since 1992. While attending JCCC he studied interior design in 1988-90 and found his niche in the kitchen & bath industry. Ron also was co-owner of his own remodeling company that renovated older homes and has many years of hands-on experience. “I bring the clients vision to life while making their experience a special one,” Ron says.