Adapting Your Home for Work, School, and Everything Else – Virtual Workshop Recap

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Last updated on July 1, 2021

Last week at our virtual workshop Lindsay Brungardt shared multiple ways to adapt your existing home for your ever-changing needs. Today so many of us are home every day, all day working, learning, working out, and spending downtime. We are finding new needs our home doesn’t currently fulfill. Lindsay offered some great solutions to make your home work for you.


Multi-Use Mudrooms

Mudrooms can be so much more than just an entry into the home. They can also be your laundry room, office, a command center for your home and provide additional storage. In this great example, the mudroom has cubby storage, a built-in dog kennel, desk, laundry, and tons of storage.


Utilizing Unused Nooks & Niches

We all need extra storage these days. One great way to add storage is to tap into those areas of the home that generally are unused like under your steps, or turning empty walls into shelves. Another design tool we love is to turn a wall into a command center by adding chalkboards, whiteboards, hooks, and/or mail storage. It takes those every day items off crucial counter space and moves them to unused walls.

Where To Put a Desk?

If you suddenly have a surplus of desks and a shortage of places to place them, Lindsay offers a few great suggestions. An unused closet is one great option but if closet space is at a premium perhaps swap out your nightstand for a desk. A great two-for-one trick! Finally, the kitchen desk may be back. It allows you or your kids to work in the heart of your home.

Photo courtesy of @bent.tree.lane on Instagram

Built-In Cabinet Storage – Hide the Mess!

Whether adding built-ins to your living room, dining room, or bedroom they are the way to go! They give you a place to tuck away all your stuff and get it out of sight. Built-ins are also great for hiding appliances.


We have seen a huge increase in requests for basement remodels and it’s easy to see why. Basements are often used for kid hangout space, bar area, or storage but really, they’re an untapped resource. They can become your home office, additional hangout space or even your home gym!


Desperate times call for desperate measures. We realize the fluctuating Kansas City climate wouldn’t always be ideal for using your garage but there are some great heating and cooling options allowing you to turn that garage into a working studio, hang-out space, hobby central, playroom, schoolroom, or even a gym.


Finally, attics are largely an untapped area of your home. Sure, they’ll likely need finishing but they’re an ideal place to make cozy for you to grab some peace and quiet. So whether you’re looking to add living space, create a home office, or your kids need a hangout space, the attic may be a good solution.

Courtesy of New England Coastal Builders LLC


Couldn’t join our February virtual workshop? No problem, at our next workshop Megan Bringman will be discussing bathroom design and going through design in a small, medium, and large bathroom. Learn More!