Award Winning Tranquil Backyard Oasis – Experience 40 Project 6

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Last updated on September 21, 2023

The weather is warming up, Spring is in full bloom and we are home more than we’ve ever been, what better time to share a beautiful outdoor renovation! When our clients reached out to us, they were looking for help with a water issue that was causing damage to their home. They met with Troy Stout on our Handyman Services team and shared they’d also like to freshen up their exterior space to create more room for outside entertaining. Troy and our Handyman team worked with them to create a space that became so much more than just a freshened-up space. In fact, it brought home a Gold REMY award for Landscape Design/Outdoor Living. 

The Original Patio

The original patio had was made of stone with a short stone wall. Poor grading had caused an issue as water pooled by their back door causing damage and rot. The patio sat on one corner of our client’s home and provided enough space for a grill and dining area. There was a gate entrance on the side of the patio accessible only by green space. They also had a small wood deck on the other side of the home off of their primarysuite. The two outdoor spaces were disconnected.

The After Plan

One of the most important goals of our homeowners was to create an outdoor living space that was on one level rather than multi-levels. They also wanted an outdoor kitchen and for the patio to tie in with the home’s appearance. Leslie Hatfield and our design team created a plan which removed the deck and existing patio to make one level surface. The plan kept the side entrance gate which our clients wanted to refinish themselves.

We started the layout by placing their outdoor kitchen nearest to their indoor kitchen for ease of access to the grill. We created several seating areas on the enlarged patio. There’s soft seating under the pergola and table seating towards the primarysuite side of the home.

A Beautiful Backyard Oasis

The once basic patio is now a large tranquil backyard oasis! While there are so many fantastic elements to take in the fourteen-foot-tall custom fireplace may take the win. The curved hearth design softens the angles. Dual cut-outs on both sides provide firewood storage. The brick herringbone inlay along the front provides added design and the precast concrete mantle provides a visual break from the brick while tying into the wall caps.

The fireplace includes a built-in gas lighter, making lighting as simple as possible. An outlet at the mantle allows for additional lights and décor.

Repetition of the pre-cast wall caps, mantle, and hearth all play off the brick striking the perfect balance of color and pattern. The dark stained concrete patio makes the space feel unique and contrasts with the plaster finish on the home. All the lights were also replaced with new, larger lantern-style sconces.

The TREX pergola perfectly complements the fireplace but also stands out on its own. The dark columns were selected to match the front of the house. The white rafters offset the bronze fixtures and match the existing trim on the home. The pergola columns emphasize the symmetrical design of the fireplace.

A quiet seating area tucked off the primarysuite is separate but still connects to the rest of the patio. With steps down from the house it provides one level The new brick stairs include lighting for functionality.

To the side of the new sliding door is the homeowner’s new outdoor kitchen. Its built-in stainless-steel grill, side burner, and granite countertop make it perfect for enjoying outdoor BBQing.

What used to be grass is now a beautiful brick-lined sidewalk leading from the driveway to the patio. Our team installed the client’s refinished gate and created the brick wall around it. The homeowners have really enjoyed the additional landscaping between the path and the home.

Right now, more than ever, we’re sure our clients are enjoying their fabulous outdoor space. They also appreciate knowing they no longer need to worry about their home with every rainfall.

Are you thinking about updating your backyard into an oasis? Give us a call to speak with a Schloegel expert.