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Last updated on September 21, 2023

This client recently returned to the Kansas City area from Portland, Oregon and settled back into the house their family has owned since childhood. They soon decided adding a fireplace would be a nice update to the living area. There was not an easy way to add a chimney or gas so they opted to purchase an inset electric fireplace. An electric fireplace is a great option if you want all the atmosphere of a traditional hearth without the maintenance or costly installation of a ventilation system. Electric fireplaces are also very energy efficient. The client sourced the fireplace independently and then began searching for an installer they could trust. Schloegel soon appeared at the top of their list and the scale of this project was perfect for Montana Ralstin and the rest of our Handyman Services team.


The Space Before


Along with installing the fireplace, we were tasked with maximizing the square footage of this living area by wall mounting the entertainment system and eliminating the need for a bulky television stand.

Reformatting The Closet

Around the corner was a linen closet that was reformatted to accommodate the depth of the fireplace while conserving as much storage as possible. We built a new frame and added a shelf to support the weight of the fireplace. We also provided cabinet doors to fit the new layout. We then finished with a drywall texture and paint to match the existing walls. 









Finishing Touches

As we installed the new framing, we included new outlets behind the television. We also fed the wiring for the sound bar behind the drywall, eliminating unsightly cords and contributing to a sleek, no fuss look. 



After all the handy work was complete, this wall was transformed into a cozy and magnetic centerpiece that will serve as a gathering space for this family as they continue to make memories for years to come. If you have all the components for a home improvement project and just need someone to finish the job with confidence, consider Schloegel Handyman Services!


Cheers, to Montana Ralstin and the entire Handyman team!