Schloegel & NARI Continue to Share the Benefits of a Career in the Remodeling Industry

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Last updated on January 14, 2021

Chris Peterson along with fellow National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) member, James Upton worked a booth at the Senior Career Fair for Independence School District seniors. William Chrisman High School held the fair. The career fair is designed to help young people who are struggling to find their calling. This specific fair’s focus was on the trades and rebuilding a strong workforce. The workforce has seen a decline in the last decade creating a shortage. The shortage has greatly impacted the trades industry and Schloegel.

Apprentice Program

Chris considers these fairs a great way to not only get young people interested in the trades but also to get the word out about Schloegel’s Apprentice Program. “We try to hire 2-3 apprentices each summer for the program. In the past, we’ve hired several apprentices that I actually met at these type of fairs or through relationships with instructors that I met at these fairs.”

Spreading the Word

The industry and especially NARI knows it’s important to teach young people are about the trades. This helps the workforce continue to grow. “Our industry has a bad reputation based on the actions of a few unethical companies. NARI members are trying to fight that reputation and promote ethical business practices while providing educational and networking opportunities.”

The career fair was a success! The NARI guys were able to talk to others in the trades industry along with many prospective apprentices and craftsman and educate them about NARI!


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