From Dated ’90s to a Chic Chef’s Kitchen – Week 1

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Last updated on January 14, 2021

A beautiful serene landscape awaits you as you pull into the drive of this Leavenworth home. The home was built in the early 1990s and definitely reflected the style of its generation. We’re looking at you oak cabinets, tiled floors, and the ever-popular built-in desk. The kitchen, while quite large with usable space, was showing its age.

The homeowners decided they were ready for an update. They reached out to Schloegel in hopes our team would be able to help. The homeowners worked with designer Kelsey Kimble and communicated their wish list for their new kitchen. Kelsey took their visions and ran with them to create a stunning new space. Follow along the next few weeks to see the amazing transformation!!!

The Kitchen Before

As an earth contact home on both the sides and back of the home, there are few options for natural light. The kitchen’s skylights let in plenty of light but the wood cabinets tended to make it feel a bit darker. They also didn’t take full advantage of the room’s height.

Kitchen Before The homeowners were ready to get rid of their tile floors and create continuity throughout the space by having the same flooring throughout the living, kitchen and dining areas.

Kitchen Floor Before

Finally, the kitchen design could use a little re-working. For having such a large space the fridge, ovens, stove, and sink were all quite close together at one end of the kitchen.
Kitchen Layout Before

Creating a Chef’s Kitchen

The new design takes full advantage of the kitchen size. The man of the home is the resident chef and wanted a kitchen he could easily cook in. The homeowners expressed early on they wanted their new kitchen designed around the appliances. Kelsey easily incorporated the beautiful appliances they selected into the chef’s kitchen design.

A large island will stand front and center. The island will house a beverage refrigerator. The new fridge will be to the right of the island. A wall microwave and oven will slide over to take the spot of the existing fridge. This leaves plenty of space for a fantastic new range and vent hood. The sink and dishwasher slide down. The new layout makes sure there is enough room for multiple cooks in the kitchen but definitely is designed for an individual to work seamlessly as well.

New Kitchen Layout

Check back again next week as the Bill Workman and his team kick off the project’s construction. We’ll also take a look at the product selections.

Ready to renovate your kitchen? Contact Us to speak to a Schloegel expert.

Kelsey Kimble

Kelsey came to the Schloegel team with a wealth of expertise and experience. She has an Interior Design AAS degree from Johnson County Community College and is a Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD). Kelsey loves working with clients and learning more about them. Listening to and understanding a client’s pain points and needs help in creating a design and ultimately lead to the success of the project. Kelsey finds a difficult challenge is the ultimate motivator and enjoys going through the creative process to find the perfect innovative solution.

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