Your Questions Answered – How Do I Get the Best Bid for My Remodeling Project?

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Last updated on January 14, 2021

The time has come, you are ready to get your much-needed remodeling job done! First things first, you need to find a contractor. While contacting contractors, how do you get the best bid for your remodeling project?

Watch Debby Allmon, a Schloegel Design Remodel designer, discuss how to go about getting the best bid or bids for your project.

At the beginning stages of any remodeling project when you’re having a contractor or contractors out to visit your job and get some budget numbers, it’s important to make sure you tell everyone the same story and give everyone the same specifications. For example, it may be a new kitchen and you have ideas but how do those ideas translate to each different contractor?

You may find as you go to get three bids for a kitchen that your price varies greatly. How do you determine a good estimate from a bad estimate? There is something called design-build where you start with an estimate and then you make all the selections and decisions and go through the process of what this is going to be, have all the drawings done and then receive a fixed price, we think this is the best way to get your best price. But you have to pick your contractor then above all.

So, we believe the best way to ensure all your bids compare the bid apples to apples is to:

  • Share the same information with each person
  • Provide a list of specifications
  • Give the size or type of cabinet, tile or brand you are looking for

Providing this information to each contractor will help enable the bids come back within the ballpark of each other, to compare projects.

Are you interested in remodeling your home? Contact a Schloegel expert today to learn more! 

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