Schloegel’s Big Splash 2016 Bathroom Reveal!

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Last updated on November 16, 2023

The moment is here, everyone! We’re thrilled to show off the new bathroom for Tristan, this year’s Big Splash Custom Bath Giveaway Recipient.

The Big Splash Schloegel Crew with Tristan and his parents.

Four-year-old Tristan was born with Dwarfism. At 31 inches tall, accessing the sink, vanity, toilet and shower in his normal-sized home bathroom was a big problem that would only get more complicated as he grew older and wanted more independence. With this in mind, Tristan’s mother Leandria nominated him for Schloegel’s Big Splash Custom Bath Giveaway – and they were selected!

Encouraged by Tristan’s positivity and eagerness to help (he’s very handy with a tape measurer), the Schloegel team got to work!

Tristan’s former bathroom 

Since the layout of the bathroom was perfectly functional, the production team and designers focused on selecting bathroom fixtures and appliances that would be best suited to Tristan’s individual needs. The crew installed an 11-inch toilet and an ADA compliant tub. Designers also found a handheld adjustable shower head that can accommodate any height. An added bonus was the shower niche detailed in blue (his favorite) glass located at a perfect height for Tristan.

Our craftsman Jeff and designer Amy working on Tristan's custom vanity.
Our craftsman Jeff and designer Amy working on Tristan’s custom vanity.

One of the more complicated parts of the bathroom remodel was selecting a vanity and sink that would be fully functional for Tristan. As it turned out, one didn’t exist on the market, so our craftsman Jeff Penrose made a custom vanity for him!

It features two slide out steps that look just like cabinet drawers. This way, Tristan can climb up the vanity and have full access to the sink and counter top.




The craftsmen also made sure to lower the door knob and light switches in the bathroom so Tristan can easily flip on the switch and close the door behind him.


img_3422Tristan, as SDR founder and president Jake Schloegel said, was the best 4-year-old client he’s ever had. By the time the team was done with the project, he’d become friends with the entire crew – especially our Production Manager Chris Peterson.





Seeing pictures of him using the new bathroom made the whole project worth it. We’re so happy Tristan is enjoying his new bathroom and we look forward to watching him flourish in the coming years!

We also want to extend a huge thank you to Linda Wagar with Fox 4 Kansas City Problem Solvers. She was kind enough to be there for the big reveal, as well as the pre-construction meeting. Check out the first segment that aired on Fox 4 below.

Stay tuned for even more Big Splash news coming soon!