Meet Tristan, our Big Splash Bathroom Giveaway Recipient!

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Last updated on January 14, 2021

tristansplashWe are so excited to announce that Tristan Ramirez is our 2016 Big Splash Custom Bath Giveaway recipient! With a smile that can light up any room, it’s impossible not to be charmed by four-year-old Tristan. We are so happy that we’re able to help him and his family with a custom bath remodel.

Tristan, who stands at 31 inches tall, was born with a form of dwarfism called Achondroplasia. Like any young child, he strives to be as independent as possible. Although, as his mother Leandria put it in their nomination form, he “lives in a world that is not made for him.”

The family’s current bathroom.

Leandria described several key issues Tristan has with their bathroom: the toilet and sink height, access to the shower/bath, access to towel bars and the height of the shower head. In addition to the bathroom not being fully accessible, it’s also unsafe for him. He’s slipped several times from having to climb to use everything.

She doesn’t expect this to change as Tristan is on the lower growth percentile of the people with Achondroplasia. What’s more is that he’s only going to get older and want more privacy. Leandria said remodeling the bathroom has been a nearly constant topic of conversation in the household, however they hadn’t yet been able to make it happen.

“We feel that the home is the one place that he should feel comfortable and that the bathroom is a very private place,” she said. “Eventually, he won’t want his parents hovering over him.”

The family's current bathroom.
The family’s current bathroom.

The announcement that they won the bathroom remodel, she said, has them beyond excited. Leandria said that once Tristan sees the new bathroom made just for him he is going to be over the moon.

“My husband and I are still in disbelief,” she said.

“We keep asking each other if this is real? It will mean so much to us and to him to have more independence with his daily routine and give us peace of mind in regards to safety concerns.”

img_2041In the coming weeks, the Schloegel team will be meeting with the Ramirez family to develop the best design possible for Tristan. Stay tuned here at the Schloegel blog to watch the progress unfold!