Make Your Bath More Accessible with Universal Design Principles

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Last updated on December 9, 2022

Schloegel Design Remodel specializes in bathrooms. In fact, that’s why we created the Big Splash Custom Bath Giveaway, our annual project in which we remodel a bathroom to make it handicap accessible for a young child with special needs.

But what if you’d like accessible features, without needing a full-blown remodel? You may want to explore universal design, which emphasizes fixtures and layouts that make spaces accessible for people of all abilities. Debbie Allmon, who’s a NARI Universal Design Certified Professional and Schloegel Designer, is here to show you five easy things to do to make your bathroom more functional.


image012Single lever faucets
Debby said she recommends installing single lever faucets for one simple reason: ease of use. Because you only need one hand to control everything, it makes it easier for everyone.




Handheld shower heads
Changing out a shower head is simple and only requires you to screw off the previous one and replace it. Having a handheld shower head, which you can pick up at practically any hardware store, allows you to wash areas which may need more attention yourself. Or, if need be, makes it easier for another person to control the shower head.


In the past, grab bars and handrails looked institutional, but now they come in all sizes and styles, making them perfect for near your toilet or inside the shower and bathtub. You can also choose a handrail with storage options, making it even more functional.



Shower benches
Shower seats are available at all sizes and can be as stylish as you’d like them to be. Some people have them handy for guests who may need them, while others like them to stay in the shower area.



Comfort Height Toilets
keywesttoiletThis toilets, as you can read more about here, are taller in height. This makes it more comfortable and accessible no matter who you are.


Would you like to learn more about Universal Design for your home? Contact a Schloegel expert today!