Chris Peterson discusses the 2019 Big Splash Bathroom Giveaway on KC Live

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Last updated on December 10, 2022

Chris Peterson stopped by KC Live to share a little more about our 2019 Big Splash Bathroom Giveaway with Kelly Nyberg. This is our ninth year doing the Big Splash Bathroom Giveaway. Big Splash gives a bathroom away to a child with special needs. We make the bathroom accessible meaning we may make a zero-entry shower, a handicap accessible vanity and/or widen the door.

How did Schloegel get started doing this giveaway?

The company has always been passionate about giving back to the community. In the past we’ve done Christmas in October, canned food drives those types of things but since we’re a remodeling company it just made sense to do a kitchen or a bath. That’s where the conversation started and it’s hard not to want to give back to kids and for kids with special needs functioning in everyday society is a challenge for them. It’s a world that’s not built for them. That was the concept and it’s taken off from there and really grown.

Last Year’s Recipient

Garrett Haskin was our last year’s recipient and he’s a great kid. Garrett Haskin was born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus making everyday activities a challenge. Our Lead Carpenter Ben Bass got Garrett involved with the project so Garrett was in there doing some of the demolition, did some drywall and a little painting. He loved it and helped quite a bit.

Garrett painting

It’s such a great event and getting to watch the family see the bathroom for the first time is so rewarding. Often times the family is brought to tears (and maybe Chris too). One year the family didn’t look at the project at all. They left the bathroom door closed when we weren’t there so it truly was an unveiling to them. It can be life-changing so ifs extremely rewarding with not a dry eye in the house.

Nomination Process

So far, the response has been great but we’re looking to get more people to nominate children and that’s part of the challenge. It’s grown each year. We had 18 to 22 entries last year and that’s our next challenge. Narrowing it down and selecting the family that receives the bathroom.

Go to our website to learn more or nominate a loved one for our 2019 Big Splash Bathroom Giveaway. We are taking applications now through October 25. It does need to be a caregiver so a teacher or someone that works with the child. Provide a little bit of a write up about the child and their needs. From there we’ll narrow it down and go on-site visits and then find the family that receives the bathroom.