Elegant Artistry – KCH&S Features a Beautiful Schloegel primaryBathroom Remodel

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Last updated on December 22, 2022

There is something so rewarding about seeing your hard work in print which is why we are honored to have one of our recent primarybathroom renovations showcased in Kansas City Homes & Style! The piece titled Elegant Artistry perfectly captures the essence of this bathroom designed by the very talented Donna Kirsopp.

This is Donna’s fifth project with this homeowner and they have already started on the sixth! It may go without saying that we love working with them.

Existing Bathroom

In this primarybathroom reno, the existing 90’s style, the builder-grade bathroom had an unused oversized bathtub that acted as the focal point of the room. The shower was tucked away and storage was basically nonexistent as evident by the haphazard open storage. A standard height counter required leaning down to get ready and the space was quite cold, physically speaking.

Updated Design

Our client knows what he wants and makes quick decisions so while his busy Cardiologist schedule takes up most of his days it never held up the project. He came to us with a few specific ideas for their bathroom. While staying at a London hotel he really enjoyed the snail style (walk-in without doors) shower and wanted to incorporate that into their own bathroom. He also loves a little bling and wanted to make sure the bathroom had some spectacular elements. Storage and lighting were also essential in the new design.










The new design re-worked the existing space to improve the bathroom’s functionality tremendously. We removed the large bathtub and created the snail style shower. Removing the small shower in the toilet room made space for storage cabinets. The vanity location remained unchanged but the new vanity would provide much more storage. You’ll notice the doors changed on the primarybath entry from bi-fold doors to standard doors with frosted glass to allow light to pass into the primarybedroom.

Remodeled primaryBathroom

The new bathroom is luxurious and much more functional with an elegant flair. The Crestwood Guinness stained cherry vanity now sits at a comfort height so no more leaning. Our team spent extra time and attention creating this vanity as every detail counted. The base cabinets include classic curved drawer heads and handy features including a pull-out grooming station with a plug for dryer and other hot tools. This is not only convenient for storing and using tools but it eliminates cords from the counter.

Touches of elegance abound in this bathroom. We first selected the mosaic backsplash and used that as a springboard in our design selections. The glitter grout backsplash brings in just the right amount of bling. Marble stone on the walls and floors compliments the backsplash by pulling out one of the same materials. We created the custom marble tile “rug” on the floor using a basket weave marble with matching marble trim border. The same basketweave tile is carried through to the zero-entry shower floor and shower niche.

The Silestone quartz counter perfectly pairs with the beautiful fleur-de-lis pattern in the sinks. Vibrant brushed bronze faucets complete the look again capturing that luxurious feel.

We put plenty of attention to the lighting effects. Three beautiful sconce fixtures flank the mirrors. Our team installed Dimmable LED lights throughout. And finally, we were able to take advantage of the ceiling height by installing an eight-light chandelier fixture with moisture-resistant shades.

With dual shower heads, one being stationary and the other a handheld on a shower bar, our clients get the ultimate spa experience. Perhaps the most luxurious addition to the bathroom is the one unseen. Underfloor heat was installed throughout the bathroom and is carried into the shower and even the shower seat! Yes, doesn’t that sound lovely?!

We couldn’t be more pleased with the way this bathroom provides our clients with the storage they need and its classic luxury and even more important the homeowners love their elegant bathroom with just the right touches of bling.

Donna Kirsopp

Donna Kirsopp has been with the SDR team since 1999 and in the industry since 1982. She has been recognized by NARI and KCH&G as an award-winning designer for 15 consecutive years. “I am so fortunate to get up every morning loving what I do.” Donna, a native of Pittsburgh PA, has one grown daughter. “In my spare time, you can find me in my garden or on the golf course.”

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Photos: elitehomeimages.com

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