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Last updated on July 1, 2021

Sure, the 90-degree temperatures and sticky humidity screams summer. But if you are thinking about a paint refresh in your home, think Christmas in July! That’s right, there is still time to transform your home for the holidays. Whether it’s painting cabinets, new exterior paint, or freshening up the wall colors in your home now is the time to start thinking about getting it done. So give yourself an early gift and call Schloegel’s Paint Services Team to have your home re-painted before Christmas!

We love what paint can do for a home and are sharing a few of our recent paint projects to help get your creative juices flowing.

Painted Cabinets

Paint can take a dark kitchen, like this one, and completely revamp it. With the dynamic duo of our Paint Services Team and Handyman Team, this kitchen is now bright, fresh and of course beautiful!

Paint definitely did the trick for this Lee’s Summit home. In case you were wondering, yes, it is the same kitchen. The cabinets are now white while the island was stained a different color. Kelly Summers again knew just the right colors, counters and finishing touches to completely transform this kitchen.

Painted Walls

Let’s be honest here. Painted walls…sounds rather boring. But it isn’t! A fresh coat of paint on the walls can completely transform the room. Even if it’s the same color! There’s something about not having any scratches, miscolorations or dings in your paint. It just makes a room feel so clean.

We don’t have a before of this bathroom as we added it the home BUT look at that paint color! It’s an absolutely beautiful color by Benjamin Moore called Dark Harbor.

This dining room was very pretty before but didn’t quite fit in with the aesthetic of the rest of the home. It is very traditional while the home is quite transitional. The homeowner wanted to add a pop of color as well as dimension. Kelly Summers had just the answer. An amazing wall with custom trim detail and green color.

Dining Room After

Have you heard the term Johnson County Beige? This house fit the bill of that to the t. Nina Schmidt helped give the home its own look. The result is a crisp, clean and classic look. Our paint services team painted the entire entry white. The white combined with the warm floors are flawless. Who knew a couple of coats of white could look so good?!

Entry Before

This is another home where the color wasn’t bad just needed a little refresh and perhaps a brighter color. Megan Bringman helped the homeowners find that color. It’s creamy, light hue instantly brightens the entire room and adds the feel of luxury, the homeowner’s gorgeous furnishings don’t hurt either!

Living After

Trim and Woodwork

When we think of trim we often think of two options. Stained wood or white paint. Guess what?! There are so many more options! Here are a few examples of trim painted something different than white.

Again, we don’t have a great before as this homeowner experienced massive water damage but the after is amazing! Gayle Jagoda worked with the homeowner to make selections and the black trim and doors were the right choice. While you may assume it would darken the room it seems to brighten it by making the windows and doors really pop and bring your eye to the natural light sources.

Game Room

Another fun example of trim that isn’t white. Donna Kirsopp never backs away from design innovation and this gorgeous Brookside home truly emphasizes that gift! The walls set the stage for the trim to steal the show. The trim is Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray while the walls are Sherwin Williams Egret White.

If this looks familiar it’s because it’s the same house as the white painted kitchen. Kelly knew leaving the fireplace trim white would be pretty and classic but she wanted more for this small living room. She wanted it to have its own personality. Insert paint magic and voila! The fireplace is stunning and steals the show allowing the neutral furnishings and carpet to act as the supporting role.

Fireplace before

Fireplace after

Did we get you thinking about ways you could change your own home? Give yourself an early Christmas present and contact us to speak with our in house paint experts!