1920’s Kansas City Bungalow Restoration – 2018 REMY Residential Exterior Gold Medal Winner

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Last updated on July 1, 2021

The homeowners of this charming bungalow reached out to us for several remodeling projects, one of which was to update their home’s exterior. It was time for a change, the shingles were old and in disrepair. Much of the wood around the home had rotted. The front porch columns and railings were not only an eyesore but a safety issue as well. The beautiful corbels, as well as the soffit and fascia, were also rotting. We put together a plan to address all the exterior issues and help restore this 1920’s bungalow home to its former glory. This exterior project was nominated for a REMY and took home the Gold!

Front Porch and Fascia

This existing rough sawn cedar 2x fascia needed to be completely replaced. The absence of proper boxing allowed for squirrels and birds to call the overhang of the porch “home”.

The four front porch columns were replaced with Cedar posts. The entire porch railing was removed and replaced which included new posts, a bottom 2 x 4 rail, 2 x 2 spindles and a 2 x 6 top rail. 

New railings were added on both sides of the steps with handrails to provide safety for the homeowners. The new railings required two additional posts. 


Side of the bungalow

The roof had been leaking for some time, therefore, the corbels and soffit were rotting and the paint was peeling off. The side of the home shows there were previously only 5 corbels.

We added additional corbels to support the new soffit giving our clients peace of mind that their home will be structurally sound for years to come. The beautiful beadboard soffit looks amazing. New guttering on the entire home provides proper drainage to help prevent future wood rot as well as water in the home.

Back of the home

The stucco exterior had cracks that required attention prior to painting. Multiple elevations on the back deck and the absence of a handrail was a safety concern.

The new cedar deck and handrail was a welcome addition to the existing deck.  A new storm door, rear entry light, and picture window provided the homeowners with the feeling of bringing the outside “in”.


The roof was a large part of this project. We removed the existing shingles, the beadboard soffit, and fascia. We also removed the corbels from the sides of the home. This is where we ran into a few challenges with regards to timing. The soffit and fascia needed to be timed in coordination with the actual roof. We made sure to install temporary weather protection throughout the project to protect the home.

The Schloegel Handyman Team installed new flashing, roof vents, an ice barrier, and oriented strand board in preparation of the new shingles. Finally, we installed new composition shingles.

Fresh Paint

Once all the wood and roof work was completed it was time to give the home a fresh new look. First, we power washed the home’s stucco, trim, windows, and doors. The Schloegel Paint Services team then prepped for paint included scraping the hold paint, caulking holes, and crevices and finally priming. The entire home then received a fresh coat of paint. The homeowners selected three colors one for the body, another for the trim and an accent color. 

The bungalow home looks like a younger version of itself. The beautiful new cedar woodwork painted white really pops on the house while the accent navy adds dimension and character to the bungalow.

Is the paint on your home looking a little rough? Give us a call to talk to a Schloegel expert about repainting your home!