From Dated ’90s to a Chic Chef’s Kitchen – Week 2

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Last updated on December 10, 2022

We are following along on the progress of this Leavenworth home remodel built in the early 1990s. The kitchen remodel will include a new layout as well as fabulous finishes. Just in case you missed it here’s Week 1. The homeowners worked with Kelsey Kimble and communicated their wish list for their new kitchen. Kelsey took their visions and ran with them to create a stunning new space. Follow along the next few weeks to see the amazing transformation!!!


With the final design created the project was ready to go into construction. We’ll talk about the team throughout the project, which consists of the homeowners, Kelsey Kimble (designer), Jeff Penrose (project manager), Bill Workman (lead carpenter), Ryan Battle (carpenter) and all the subcontractors. Communication from the get-go and throughout is the absolute key to success. Open and clear communication ensures the entire team goes in with the same goals and expectations.

Bill Workman and Ryan Battle kicked off the project with demolition. Everything must go! Goodbye honey oak cabinets and tile floor.

The room already feels brighter. Next to come down will be the track lighting and light fixture because yes those will be updated too!

Kitchen Finishes

While the new kitchen was similar to other 90’s era kitchens the new one will be anything but! The layout will make cooking and entertaining much easier but the finishings are where the real WOW factor comes in.

Kelsey helped the homeowners decide on the cabinets which will mix painted and stained finishes. The painted cabinets will be custom in Sherwin Williams Foggy Day while the stain will be Carob. A farmhouse sink, quartz counter, and subway tile backsplash will be beautiful touches that brighten up the space even more.

We can’t wait to see it all come together. Warm woods will play beautifully with the painted cabinetry and light finishes.

Check back again next week as the Schloegel team starts putting the pieces together.

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Kelsey Kimble

Kelsey came to the Schloegel team with a wealth of expertise and experience. She has an Interior Design AAS degree from Johnson County Community College and is a Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD). Kelsey loves working with clients and learning more about them. Listening to and understanding a client’s pain points and needs help in creating a design and ultimately lead to the success of the project. Kelsey finds a difficult challenge is the ultimate motivator and enjoys going through the creative process to find the perfect innovative solution.

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