Congrats Andy Gower & Don Richeson on Becoming Certified Remodeling Project Managers

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Last updated on January 18, 2022

We are excited to share Andy Gower and Don Richeson have received their Certified Remodeling Project Manager (CRPM)! The CRPM is a certification from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI)!

Certified Remodeling Project Manager

The CRPM program addresses project cost management, communication, project planning, quality assurance, record-keeping, and risk management.

NARI CRPMs are the field personnel who oversee every aspect of the project. This includes customer satisfaction, personnel management, administration, etc. while working on the project or projects.

We are always proud when our team members become certified. A certification not only shows they’ve put in years of hands-on experience but have taken the time to improve their level of expertise.

Andy Gower

Andy Gower is a man of many talents — for one, he’s ambidextrous. He prides himself on being a good listener and with Schloegel Design Remodel customers, paying attention to all needs, concerns, and questions. Andy brings a wealth of carpentry and CAD (Computer Assisted Design) skills to each project.

They say if you love your work, you’ll never work a day in your life . . . and Andy takes this to heart. His work is his hobby and his hobby is his work, he says. He works on others’ homes all day and his own home after work. Most of all, Andy enjoys spending time with his wife and son, and daughter.

Don Richeson

Don Richeson has learned his lesson: don’t stand on a five-gallon bucket of paint . . . the lids are weak! The paint incident aside, Don brings much expertise to Schloegel’s remodels. He has more than 20 years of general remodeling experience in all phases, and he’s certified in WardFlex gas pipes, RRP lead removal, and has completed James Hardie siding installation training.

If you like to pamper your pets, Don’s your man! He once created a closet with a vent system and a pet door for a cat’s litter box.

Don loves to relax and watch movies, plus spend time with family and his dog, Presley. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Becky, his daughter, and grandchildren.

Help in congratulating Andy and Don!

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