Creating a Spacious & Inviting New Kitchen in Brookside

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Last updated on July 1, 2021

In early 2018, our homeowners found themselves at a crossroads. They’d lived in their home for 10 years and love (almost) everything about it. It has character; the neighborhood and location are exactly where they wanted to be, and the school for their three young boys is just down the road. However, if there is one thing they can’t live with, especially as their family continues to grow, it’s their cramped, crowded kitchen. They needed a new kitchen.

Schloegel had completed a primarybathroom addition for the homeowners in 2015, and we knew it was going to take an addition in order to create the kitchen space featuring all of the amenities they hoped to gain in the new space. They worked with Amy Brown (Boeshaar) to create a space that served all their needs.

Existing Kitchen

Generally, kitchen layouts from the 1930s and 1940s had many of the same features; they were rectangular in shape; the sink and stove sat directly opposite each other; limited counter space; a small breakfast nook for two was placed at the far end of the rectangle; and families gathered to eat dinner in an altogether separate dining room.

When we first arrived on the job, we found that our homeowners’ kitchen was no different. Overall, the layout lacked mobility, counter space, and storage (especially for a family of five), and the narrow galley made it hard for even two adults to comfortably fit. There was virtually no room to prepare meals, and the pantry was inconveniently located behind the kitchen near the door leading out to the back yard.

New Design

One of the first things we knew was that the wall separating the kitchen and dining room had to go! We knew that by removing this wall, the space would immediately feel twice (if not three times!) as big!


Bret Green and his team constructed the addition which only added about fifty square feet, but it made all the difference.  We relocated the pantry so that it was easily accessible and felt like it was a part of the food preparation area. We were able to get an L-Shaped perimeter to create ample corner storage as well as continuous counter space. Room was also made for a new island clear from appliances for the kids to eat more casual meals, sit and do homework or for the family to make holiday cookies together. With the wall removed that separated the kitchen and the dining room, space was also created where the entire family and guests could gather and visit.

And finally, we were able to add a mudroom where the pantry had previously been, creating an area where the homeowners three young boys could hang their coats, leave their shoes and sports equipment.

A Spacious New Kitchen

The new kitchen is anything but cramped and awkward. The addition and new layout created a spacious, inviting kitchen. The addition allowed us to completely open up the kitchen, and double the amount of counter space available along the exteriors and by adding the island in the center. The cabinets are Shiloh full overlay in soft white.

Removing the wall that separated the kitchen from the dining area allowed us to create an open floor concept. Every square foot is now utilized – from gathering around the island to entertain friends and family to have a place for the kids to sit and do their homework.

The backsplash is Roca Maiolica Crackled Brick in aqua, while the countertops are Ellipse quartz in Verona. Throughout the entire kitchen, we installed hardwood floors which tie in with the existing hardwoods in the home.

By enlarging both the window above the sink and adding a double sliding door to the backyard, we were able to drastically increase the amount of natural light in the kitchen. The mudroom was another perfect addition for the family to hang their coats and take off their shoes, and for the kids to keep their backpacks and school supplies.

With the addition and new kitchen design, we were able to build and design a kitchen that greatly improved the space and function of the existing kitchen and allowed the family to fall in love with their home all over again! This fabulous kitchen earned a 2018 Gold REMY award!

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