A Kitchen Remodel with Refinished Golden Oak Cabinets – Week 3

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Last updated on September 22, 2023

Perry Holloway is walking us through the process of refinishing golden oak cabinets in this recent remodel, designed by Kelsey Kimble. This is the third post on the project and in case you missed it here is Week 1 and Week 2. This week Perry talks about actually staining and sealing the cabinets. As he mentions, the team agreed the wood quality wasn’t what it should be after starting to strip the old drawers and doors.  The homeowners ended up deciding to purchase new doors and drawer fronts which is what Greg Goldstein is staining.

Staining Process

First, they start by staining the bare wood. They run a couple of processes to get the color to the right color the homeowners want. Once the pieces are stained, they are moved to the spray booth where they are sprayed with a sanding sealer. Our team uses a vinyl sealer for kitchen cabinets because it is harder and it makes a better for chemical and kitchen wear and tear.

The vinyl sealer sets the stain permanently in place and applies a light film over the stain and the wood. Once the sealer is dried, they’ll go through and sand the pieces. The team sands after the sealer because the sealer draws the pores of the wood on new wood and creates nubs. All the nubs need to be sanded off to make the cabinets butter smooth. Once they’re smooth, they will go through on the final phase and spray the clear coat.

come through on the final phase and spray a clear coat.

Handyman Work Continues in the Kitchen

While our Paint Services team works on the cabinets, Nic Juncos of our Handyman Services team cranks away completing the rest of the details. The new countertops, Caesarstone Quartz in Noble Grey are installed. He also starts the tile work which will surround the windows and cover the entire backsplash. Finally, the electrical is completed to accommodate the new island and dining area light fixtures.

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