Introducing our 2019 Big Splash Recipients

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Last updated on January 14, 2021

Yes, you read that right, there are more than one! This year we find ourselves in a precarious position with three amazing; extremely deserving kids and we want to help each of them. So instead of one large Big Splash project and several smaller (Ripple Effect) projects, we’re shaking them up and creating something in between, we’ll call it Mid Splash or ¾ Bath Giveaway.

Without further ado please meet our 2019 Recipients.

Sage Rovenstine

Sage is a bright, charismatic 9-year-old who hasn’t let his cerebral palsy stop him from enjoying life. He isn’t able to stand unsupported and uses a wheelchair for mobility. As with so many homes the Rovenstine bathroom was not built with wheelchair accessibility in mind, which has hindered Sage’s independence in the bathroom. Our team will work to create a bathroom tailored to Sage’s needs to allow him bathroom independence for now and into the future.









David Uria 

Davey (10) as his family fondly calls him is full of energy! Davey was born with spina bifida and uses a wheelchair full time. Instead of feeling bound to a wheelchair he has created new opportunities with it whether it be wheelies or playing wheelchair soccer. Unfortunately, the Uria’s existing bathroom doesn’t allow Davey to use the bathroom independently as his chair can’t clear the doorway. A few changes in his bathroom would make a world of difference, allowing him independence and boosting his confidence.


Henry Flores

Henry is an amazing little boy who already has overcome obstacles you and I couldn’t imagine! He was born without arms and legs. Even without them, Henry has adapted to every element of his life. With a few specialized bathroom features, he’ll be able to do the same thing in the bathroom and gain independence. We’ll be working with his family to better understand his needs now and moving forward to design a bathroom that he’ll be able to use independently.

We are so thankful for another year where we get to use our skills to help deserving families in the Kansas City area! Our wonderful clients, vendors, subcontractors, and LoveFund for Children make Big Splash possible! Our team will start work on these projects early next year and we will make sure to share how the projects are coming along.

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