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Last updated on July 1, 2021

Ron Webster met with the wonderful homeowners of this Olathe home and immediately understood their desire to update their kitchen. It had been remodeled once before but it just wasn’t very functional and didn’t quite fit in with the home’s style. Ron worked with the homeowners to put together a contemporary kitchen that would not only be more functional but with a contemporary style. We’ll be sharing progress over the next few weeks.

Ron gives us a brief rundown of the kitchen updates on the first day of construction.

Existing Traditional Style Kitchen

As you can see the kitchen is fairly traditional in its style with the raised panel cabinets and brass knobs. The cabinets also don’t take advantage of the ceiling height.

The kitchen had the infamous built-in desk and while a desk is useful, one in the kitchen often takes up prime real estate. Also, that desk barely allows space for a chair. Do you see the small microwave mounted under the cabinets? What fits in that?!

I guess you need two small microwaves when they’re small because they also have one built-in along the wall.

The same cabinetry was carried into the living area built-ins.

The Contemporary Kitchen Plan

A new layout creates a big impact. The desk, gone. A wall of cabinets with a built-in coffee area will now live there. The uh second microwave space will remain in relatively the same area, as will the cooktop. The ovens will be moved to the left side of the sink and dishwasher. Perhaps one of the coolest new changes will be the hood vent located in the ceiling. We’re all pretty excited to see that!









The tiered peninsula will also be a thing of the past. The new counter height will actually be lower than standard to accommodate our petite homeowner and leveling it out creates more cabinets space and better sightlines.

Take a look at Ron shares a bit more about the changes in the hearth and living rooms.

Check back in next week as our team creates this Contemporary kitchen.

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