Your Questions Answered – What does Design-Remodel mean?

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Last updated on January 14, 2021

Home remodeling projects can be big or small but regardless of the size you want them done right and as quick as possible. There are several ways to get your home remodeling project completed. You could hire an architect and a separate contractor, choose to try and tackle portions of the project yourself or use design-remodel. At Schloegel Design Remodel we utilize design-remodel.

Watch Amy Boeshaar, a Schloegel designer, explain what design-remodel means and the advantages of this process.

Design-remodel provides one point of contact from the inception to the finish of your project. In some scenarios, you may hire an architect to create the plan and then need to find a contractor to build the plan and put it into reality. Sometimes there may be a disconnect in this process. Design-remodel takes all of those elements and puts it into one company’s responsibility. This way you have one point of contact for design through construction.

At Schloegel Design Remodel, your designer meets with you, creates your design, and takes you through the product selection. It is then turned over to the lead carpenter. Our lead carpenters are on staff. The carpenter does the build and the designer stays on the project through completion.

This process makes it easier on the homeowner to keep everybody on the same page and make sure you get the project that you want.

Are you interested in remodeling your home? Contact a Schloegel expert today to learn more! 

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