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Last updated on September 22, 2023

We love remodeling! It’s the bread and butter of what we do however we realized way back in 2010 we weren’t able to fulfill all our client’s needs through full-scale remodeling. Sometimes you just need a broken hinge fixed, new tile laid, or wood rot repaired. This is why we introduced our handyman team in 2010. The team works on home projects across the board both inside and out.

So, what’s the difference between Schloegel’s handyman team and hiring Chuck and a Truck? Our handyman team provides the same quality of services, warranty, and insured work our remodeling services does. Our team members are talented craftsmen and if they run into a problem, they might need a bit of help solving (which isn’t often) they’re able to easily call in one of their team members for assistance.

This week we’re sharing a few of Chris Bradley’s recent handyman projects.

Front Door Replacement

The crown on the front door had woot rot and the door had seen better days. Our client called Troy Stout in hopes of having her door replaced and fixing the trim around it. Troy helped her find a new door that would fit with the design of her home and scheduled the installation with the handyman team. Chris Bradley removed the existing door, and perimeter trim. He then installed a new threshold pan, Therma Tru fiberglass door with side lights, and new trim. The new crown trim design matches the crown trim above the window giving the home a more cohesive look. Chris was able to re-use the original lockset, house numbers and flag pole holder.




Crown Trim Work


Trim Installed

 Building Plant Window Daytime Fixture Door Brickwork House Wood Brick




Egress Window Replacement

Our client’s called needing their old, rotted, and leaky basement egress window updated. A rotted egress window can lead to all kinds of ‘fun’ problems for homeowners. Troy Stout helped them pick out a new Marvin Elevate egress window. Chris Bradley removed the old window and replaced it with the new window. He then taped, sealed and foamed in the new window. Proper installation is extremely important!

With the new one in Chris added jamb extensions and then installed drywall in around the gaps. Next Chris installed the interior trim and the exterior brick moulding. After that came drywall repair. A window installation isn’t complete unless the room looks put together, that includes the wall. Finally, he primed and painted the new trim. Our homeowners now have a secure basement window that easily operates and keeps the cold and water out.

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Wood Rot Repair

On our next project, our clients were getting ready to have another contractor paint their home’s exterior but reached out to our handyman team to help with their prep work. They wanted to remove the shutter covered window frame from the side of their home. It didn’t serve a purpose and they wanted it to blend with the rest of the home. They also needed some wood rot repaired.

Chris Bradley, Chris Smith, and Scott removed the shutters and shingles. They then added sheathing and installed tar paper. From there they were able to install the new cedar shaker shingles. They also repaired the wood rot around the home.

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 Building Wood Tree House Composite material Siding Fixture Hardwood Building material Facade
 Building Property Window Wood Fixture House Tree Plant Siding Material property

If you need some items taken care of around your house give us a call and our Handyman Services team will get them taken care of!