Sharing the Experience of a Kitchen Remodel with Schloegel

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Last updated on January 14, 2021


Enjoy this video project overview featuring our client, designer, and project manager.

We recently completed a beautiful kitchen remodel for the Housley family. Their existing kitchen was fairly new and quite nice but not at all practical. Unfortunately, we see this from time to time, a remodel that was ‘cookie-cutter’ and not designed around the homeowner’s needs and lifestyles. The Housley’s reached out to us not only to remodel their space but to tap in our expertise in design. They wanted help creating a space that truly fits their needs. Take a look as Jenny Housley and the team shares their experience while creating this beautiful remodel.

Understanding Their Needs

Megan Bringman worked with the Housley’s to help reimagine their space. First off, they looked at the existing kitchen and what wasn’t working for them. Top on the list was the cabinet functionality, the cabinets weren’t even deep enough to fit their dinner plates. There also just wasn’t enough space in them, Jenny was storing pots and pans under her dining room chairs. The counters we also short on space, all their appliances sat out, leaving little space for cooking. Finally, while they liked the idea of their bar area the location of it just wasn’t working. While entertaining guests it was a bottleneck and often un-needed in day to day life.

Kitchen Before Fridge Wall Before Hall Before Piano Room

After looking at what wasn’t working, they discussed the goals of the new kitchen and things the Housley’s wished to have. Obviously, the top of the list was general functionality, each kitchen item needed to have a space within a cabinet. Ideally, even the appliances would no longer need to sit on top of the counter space. A better flow was pretty high up there as well.

Creating the Perfect Kitchen

Megan and our design team presented new layout options to the Housley’s which included everything from relocating the kitchen to completely restructuring the existing kitchen. They ultimately selected the plan which best fit their needs. The plan kept the kitchen size the same and the appliances would sit in the same location. The wall above the beverage area would be drywalled in and that area would now become a wall of cabinets that includes easily accessible appliance garages. To ease the traffic flow around the island and create a designated space for beverages the team decided to turn the existing piano room into a coffee bar area. This gave them plenty of space to also add all beverage accouterments including a fridge, built-in coffee machine, and ice maker.

Kyle Coelho was the Lead Carpenter on the project and made the design into a reality. No detail was too small for Kyle, in fact, he ended up drawing out the entire tile pattern on the backsplash before it was installed to make sure it was perfect.

Kitchen After 1 Kitchen After 2 Hallway after Bar Area Kitchen After 3

Thank you, Housley family, for allowing us to share your story. We are absolutely thrilled you are happy with your new kitchen and the Schloegel experience!

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