A Kitchen Remodel with Refinished Golden Oak Cabinets – Week 4

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Last updated on December 10, 2022

Perry Holloway has been walking us through the process of refinishing golden oak cabinets in this recent remodel, designed by Kelsey Kimble. This is the fourth post on the project and in case you missed it here is Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3. This week we get to see the final kitchen!

We love this project as it shows a remodel doesn’t always have to be tearing everything out and starting over. Sometimes it’s modifying what you have to better suit your needs. In this case, we refinished the cabinet boxes and added new doors and drawers. The newly stained cabinets along with a few other modifications gave the homeowners a kitchen that better suited their needs with a modern look.

The Kitchen Before

The original cabinets were a golden oak and dated the otherwise light kitchen. The external cabinet hinges were not ideal. The sink in the kitchen was placed at an awkward spot to the right of the 90-degree angle and the faucet sat to the side of the sink making it quite difficult to wash dishes, etc.

Golden Oak Cabinets

A New Look

The Paint Services team and Nic Juncos on the Handyman Services team worked their magic in this kitchen to create a beautiful new kitchen! It is amazing what changing the color of cabinets can do to a space. The cabinets not only look beautiful they’re more functional too. Nic installed rollout trays to the cabinets making accessing dishes, appliances and pantry items so much easier. He also added slow close hidden hinges, a wonderful upgrade! The new countertop shape not only looks better but is now a fully functioning sink. New countertops along with the new backsplash and light fixtures give the space its own updated style.

Thinking about updating your golden oak cabinets? Give us a call to speak with a Schloegel expert.