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Last updated on January 14, 2021

Let’s be honest, very few people use their kitchens solely for meal preparation, especially if the kitchen serves a family. Kitchens are typically our coffee shops, offices, where we see our children off to school and where we debrief when everyone gets home. That’s why it’s so important when you’re remodeling that space that you have experts who understand your family lifestyle by your side. Here are a few tricks and tips that a couple Schloegel Design Remodel designers have for making your perfect family-friendly kitchen a reality.

Safety first!

DSC_9679-2If you have younger children, our designer Gayle recommends choosing rounded corners on your materials and furniture to minimize any accidents and bump-ins. She also suggests looking into close-ended cabinet pulls, as open-ended cabinet pulls can catch on clothing when installed horizontally. Finally, consider soft-closing drawers. There’s nothing worse than having a drawer slammed shut while you (or even worse, your child’s) fingers are in the way.



Multipurpose Layout

DSC_9214Our designer Megan can’t stress the importance of islands in a family kitchen. You want to have multiple work stations, like a prep sink and a baking station, for a family to cook together. She said you will need plenty of single-level countertop space for everything from food preparation to homework to art projects. You don’t want to have to trip over each other during the morning rush, so make sure you have easy access to islands and appliances, such as the refrigerator and ovens, without compromising the natural flow of a kitchen. If you have space, a seating area or breakfast nook can help tremendously with making sure you can freely work in your kitchen while still staying close to loved-ones.

Smart Storage Whitaker Kitchen 5-2062x1375

Everyone knows clutter is a constant problem in family kitchens. That’s why our designers are always happy to show off new storage options to make organization easier than ever. For example, Lazy Susans in corner cabinet spaces allow you to use the entire area and make items easy to find. Tall, vertical pull-outs can create a pantry space in cramped kitchens. Base drawers are great for keeping pots, pans and plate-ware stored safe and organized. docking drawer 1

Megan also has a solution for a more recent kitchen problem: cord clutter. So often, our kitchens become the primary spaces for charging our devices, phones and computers. Create a designated charging station hidden away in a drawer with The Docking Drawer. The innovation, which puts charging plug-ins inside a drawer, is a way to keep technology out of sight in your kitchen, and possibly even out of mind!

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