How to Remain Sane During Your Kitchen Remodel

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Last updated on January 14, 2021

Life doesn’t stop when you’re remodeling your kitchen. And lets face it, neither does hunger. Our Designer Megan Bringman shares some tips of the trade for how to stay sane – and fed – during your kitchen remodel.


DSC0786_blog_readyThe first thing you’ll want to do when you lose access to your kitchen is set up a temporary kitchen. It doesn’t take long for take-out and fast food to get old, so you’ll still want to be able to prepare a few meals here and there. Megan suggests finding a space in your home where you have acess  to water and where you can plug in all your handy kitchen appliances, such as a microwave or crockpot. You’ll want to have plenty of disposable utencils and dinner-ware ready, as well as trash handy for easy clean up.

Another tip for keeping it cool? Go outside! Summer and fall are perfect times for grilling and barbecuing outside! Megan suggests breaking out your outdoor cooking equipment having family meals in the backyard as a way to enjoy some family time and get out of the house.

Lastly, Megan says to keep your eyes on the prize.DSC_1299-X3

“It can be quite an inconvenience to go through a kitchen remodel, but if you are planned and think through how you will get through it, it will make all the difference,” she said.

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