Find the Right Appliances for Your Kitchen – Virtual Workshop Recap

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Last updated on August 7, 2023

Ron Webster joined by Jeannie Reynolds of Ferguson Showrooms shared all about appliances at Thursday’s workshop. In case you missed it you can watch the full workshop.

Watch the full workshop 

Slide-In & Free Standing Ranges

A freestanding range has controls at the back of the unit and can stand on its own without cabinets surrounding it. They’re available in gas, induction top, or electric.

Freestanding Range

A slide-in range is just like it sounds. It slides in between your cabinets. The controls are on the front of the unit. It also comes in gas, induction, or electric.

Slide-In Range

Professional Ranges & Range Tops

Professional ranges bring the power of a restaurant into your home with their robust burners. They start at 30″ and go all the way up to 60″. A professional range often has a gas cooktop but a few brands offer induction. Many come in a dual fuel option where the top is gas and the oven is electric.

36″ Range

48″ Wolf Range



Range tops are basically the cooking top of a range installed onto a cabinet.

Range Top


Cooktops fit into a hole in your counter and sit on top. They again can come in gas, induction, or electric and multiple sizes. They’re a great option for preparing food and having separate wall ovens.

Induction Range
Gas Cooktop


Ventilation comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be under a microwave, an insert into a custom hood, a ceiling-mounted vent, a chimney hood, or a canopy hood vent. They come in different sizes and cfm fans (cubic feet per minute).

Canopy Hood Vent
Canopy Hood Vent
Chimney Hood Vent
Ceiling Mount Vent
Hood Vent Insert


Microwaves have come a long way. They’re available in an over range, countertop, countertop with trim kit, dropdown door, and drawer.

Microwave with trim kit
Over the range
Dropdown door

Freestanding Fridges

Freestanding fridges are often what we picture as the standard fridge. They come in counter and standard depth. You also can get a French door fridge or a bottom freezer fridge.

Counter-depth fridge
Standard depth fridge

Built-In, Panel Ready, & Column Fridges

Built-in, panel-ready, and column fridges are often available in luxury brands. Built-in fridges are taller and look built-in to the cabinets. They are available in stainless steel or panel ready which means they blend seamlessly into your cabinetry. Column fridges keep refrigeration and freezers completely separate and allow you to create the size combination that works best for you. Column fridges can also be panel-ready.

Built-in stainless steel
Built-in panel ready fridge
Stainless steel column
Panel ready column

Drawer Refrigeration

Drawer fridges are a great way to add additional cooling space and free up traffic in front of your fridge. Drawers are often used for beverages but also can be used for custom needs such as our client with a juicing station.

Panel ready drawer fridge
Stainless steel drawer fridges

Under Counter Beverage Cooler

Another great offering is an under-counter cooler for your beverages. They’re available in a variety of options from only wine to space for wine and other beverages.

Under cabinet beverage fridge
Panel ready under counter fridge

Thanks, Ron for going over so much great information! Also, a special thanks to Jeannie Reynolds with Ferguson for sharing her in-depth knowledge of appliances!