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Last updated on December 10, 2022

Nina Schmidt did a great job going through design styles during our virtual workshop this past Wednesday. She went through the elements of six different design styles and what makes them fall into that specific design. If you weren’t able to join in you can watch the workshop!

1. Contemporary

In contemporary designed rooms the layouts are usually open and airy with no clutter. The lines are usually sleek and clean with solid neutral colors. Also, accents with bold colors are often used. Contemporary design is sometimes confused with modern design which actually reflects a certain period.

2. Traditional

Traditional design pulls from classic and timeless elements from the past, often the 18th and 19th centuries. Dark woods are very prevalent along with mid-tone colors. You’ll see more ornate details in the woodwork and décor. Printed fabrics and wallpapers are also very popular in traditional design.


Transitional design blends different styles often contemporary and traditional designs to create its own unique look. It allows you to use elements you like from multiple styles, it’s an art of mixing. The base colors are often white or neutral with other colors weaved in. Furniture lines are usually simple and accessories are minimal.

4. Eclectic

Eclectic isn’t any one style it uses a variety of materials and textures. It is a curated look of pieces collected over time. These pieces often have sentimental value. The look is mix and match with a common thread that pulls it all together whether that be a tone or shape. Eclectic rooms are usually filled with décor items such as dinnerware, sculptures, vases, and of course artwork.

5. Arts & Crafts

Arts and Crafts refer to the late 19th century British and American movement. It was the inspiration behind Craftsman and bungalow-style homes which are extremely prevalent in the Brookside & Waldo area. The homes were built by traditional craftsmen using local materials. Today it’s seen in furniture, rich wood trim, and stained glass. Arts and Crafts often have an Earth inspired palette with lots of stained woods especially oak and many built-in elements.

6. Modern/Industrial Farmhouse

An updated take on the traditional farmhouse style with just a bit more edge. It combines clean contemporary design with the warm inviting farmhouse style to create something totally new. You’ll often find whites with other colors weaved in as well as natural materials including wood and fabrics. The industrial look will include industrial metal accents. Vintage accents and elements are often heavily used in this design style as well.

Determining Your Design Style

Nina shares her technique for honing in on a client’s style is to study things they’ve saved through Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz, etc. There is often a common thread. Do you lean toward painted or stained cabinets? Is there one color you continue to gravitate to? Is there a specific tile you see over and over again?

Your own home is also a great place to start. Is there a piece of artwork you love or a piece of furniture that you are attached to? Those items help pinpoint what your style is and from there she’s able to help build a new design for your home.

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