January 1, 1970
Megan & The Pearsons with their beautiful new lamp!
Megan & The Pearsons with their beautiful new lamp!

This past April our design consultant, Megan Lynch, was presented with a unique and very interesting challenge.

Her clients Tom & Janice Pearson brought her a piece of Saguaro cactus wood and an idea – sketched on a napkin – for turning it into a lamp.  The wood had been sitting in their barn, and they were waiting for just the right opportunity to turn it into a focal point.  They knew Megan had some previous experience in making lamps and hoped she could create something for their day room.  Megan was definitely up for the challenge!

First, a hole was drilled all the way up through the wood to accommodate the wiring.  A standard 60-watt bulb housing was placed in the natural crevice of the wood. A piece of Ramon gold travertine, fabricated with a profiled edge, was used for the lamp base. For the finishing touch, a parchment lamp shade was selected for its natural softness and primitive feel.

Now these clients can really enjoy their unique and functional piece of furniture!