Multiple Issues Prove No Problem for our Handyman!

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Last updated on January 1, 1970

Wrapped columns
Handyman working on columns
Kirk working on columns
After the column renovation
Beautiful columns-after

We were back at this repeat client’s home in December to upgrade their basement and resolve multiple issues around the home.


The first issue involved replacing the lavatory faucets in the primarybathroom.  The client had been told that they couldn’t replace the faucets because of a different size pop-up drain assembly.  They were told that they would need to replace not only their pop-up drain assemblies, but also their countertop and sink.  We consulted with a material supplier to ensure the new drain assemblies would work and provided the client with new beautiful faucets in their existing sinks!

Secondly, we did some freshening up in the basement.  Our Handyman wrapped the existing steel columns with 1 x material installed base around the columns and a cove mould around the top of the columns.  To give the columns even more flair, we applied a decorative moulding to the face of the columns to give them depth and detail. They turned out beautifully!

Do you have the desire to install decorative trim in your home?  Or do you have a “not-so-easy-to-solve” problem with some aspect of your home?  Call Schloegel Handyman Services to improve your lifestyle!   [email protected] or (816) 361-9669