Our Handyman Tackles this Difficult Special Project

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Last updated on January 1, 1970

Before chimney renovation
During chimney renovation
After chimney renovation

Talk about a special project; we worked with this client to re-do their chimney!  The existing Drivit had failed due to moisture getting behind the moisture barrier.  Through the course of time, the freeze/thaw cycles had cracked the Drivit and allowed even more moisture to reach the substrate.  Even the flashing had begun to rust and water was penetrating the interior ceiling.

We coordinated the scaffolding, pulling of the roof tiles, demolition of the existing Drivit, installation of new flashing, new stucco and resetting the roof tiles.  To add to the difficulty, we could not work in temperatures below 40 degrees and all this work was scheduled to start at the beginning of December.  Thankfully the weather held out.  We were able to complete this project on time and ensure the new stucco performs well and looks great!

If you are finding it tough to tackle projects around the house contact our Handyman Services to coordinate and deliver projects on time, no matter how difficult the circumstances!

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