Handsome New Light Fixtures–Adventures of a Schloegel Handyman

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Last updated on September 27, 2022

Installing a new light fixture can be as simple as getting on a ladder, figuring out some hardware, and messing with a few wires. Often, though, the project is much more involved, which was the case with this project. It took several people four days to replace an existing fixture in the entry portico and install a new fixture in the hearth room. I must say that the character contributed by these two additions was worth it!

Portico Light

The front porch is a tall, wide-open space lighted by two floodlights and solitary can light twenty feet overhead. Our clients decided the area needed a bit more intrigue, and they chose a handsome lantern light fixture to fulfill that need.

As the box was too high for an A-frame ladder and too far from a wall for safe access from an extension ladder, we set up scaffolding for the portico project.

After retrieving the scaffolding and setting it up, this part of the job was basically half done. Our partners at Jason Wright Electric swapped the fixtures in no time, and we broke down the scaffolding and hauled it off. The updated light fixture hangs down into the space, providing better lighting and more depth to the front of the house.


Hearth Room Chandelier

The second part of the project didn’t involve scaffolding but did require new wiring and mounting bracket. Our clients loved the chandelier in their living room and wanted the same for their hearth room.


Dust Protection

On our first day there, we plotted the location of the new fixture and set up protection for the mess we were about to make.

We ran the new wiring from the neighboring room, so had to include it in our dust containment zone.


New Wiring

From an existing single switch, which we replaced with a double, we ran the new wiring up the wall and through the ceiling across the floor joists. This involved a hole in the ceiling between every joist, which we then patched with blocking, new drywall, and several coats of mud.



With all the prep in place, we were able to put up the resplendent new light fixture.

Have a list of fixes/updates for your home? Give our Handyman team a call, they can quickly tackle that list!