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Last updated on January 14, 2021

Schloegel Handyman Services are not just your average Handymen. Yes, they absolutely can do all of the standard handyman services such as installing an appliance, replacing windows or fixing a leaky faucet but they can also do so much more. Many homeowners are ready for a change in their bathroom but don’t need to do a full bathroom renovation. Their projects fall somewhere between a full bathroom renovation and just replacing a showerhead.

That is where Schloegel’s Handyman Services comes in. Not only do they have an expert team of handymen but they have a dedicated designer. Kelly Summers works with each of her clients to understand their needs and helps create the perfect design for their vision. We’re going to take a look at some recent bathroom renovations by Schloegel’s Handyman Services team.

Traditional Parkville Bathroom Renovation

These Parkville Homeowner’s wanted to give their primarybathroom a fresh look. The bathroom hadn’t been updated since the home was built and it was time. In addition to a design refresh, they needed more storage.





The homeowners worked with Kelly on previous projects and were excited to work with her again. They knew Kelly would provide an updated design that incorporated the elements of the bathroom they wanted to keep. Their hope was to keep their existing tub and shower while replacing the vanity, floor, and fixtures.

The new bathroom turned out beautiful. The Kona colored maple vanity provides plenty of extra storage. The fabulous Ellipse Verona quartz counters are a perfect contrast to the dark stained cabinets. The new light scones in the mirror will provide plenty of extra light for getting ready.

New panels were installed around the tub tying it in with the new vanity. New tile was laid on the tub deck which matches the new tiled floors.

Modern Mission Hills Bathroom Renovation

The family in this Mission Hills home wanted to renovate their bathroom for guests to enjoy. Their bathroom had dated tiles and fixtures while the bathtub had seen better days. They worked with Kelly to create a modern clean bathroom. The new design utilized the existing layout and tub but gave it a new modern look.





The new bathroom perfectly captured the vision of the homeowner. The old tub was re-glazed and retiled. The updated tub and shower has a ceiling curtain which replaces the old sliding doors.

The frameless Eclipse cypress floating vanity with a quartz counter provides plenty of storage and counter space. An awesome feature in the new bathroom is the floating shelves behind the door. They add plenty of extra storage for linens while keeping the bathroom’s modern design.








Kelly has over 15 years of design experience and has worked successfully in sales and custom organizational design. “For me, a design should never be cookie cutter.  Your home should reflect your personality and the way you live.”

Thinking about a bathroom refresh? Contact us today to speak with a Schloegel expert!