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Last updated on September 20, 2023

When shopping for a new home, it’s common to come across houses that were acquired with the intention of being flipped in order to take advantage of a favorable market. With these types of properties, a quick turnover is key. This leads to a lot of renovations and updates performed in a short amount of time with contractors that may be more economical, but the craftsmanship is often lacking. The Schloegel Handyman team recently helped out some clients who found a house in Leawood that they loved and that matched their unique style perfectly, however, there were some issues they wanted to address from recent renovations. Handyman Designer, Perry Holloway, and craftsman, Lester Withers, took on the task of refinishing all of their kitchen cabinetry, building additional cabinetry to house the fridge, and doing electrical work throughout to give our clients exactly what they wanted.

Repainting the Cabinets

One major eye sore for our clients was the paint job on the kitchen cabinetry initiated by the previous owners. Lack of durability made the finish scratch easily, not something you want in a high traffic area like a kitchen. There were also many areas where the paint was applied too thickly and resulted in drips, or too thinly where areas didn’t get painted at all. Luckily, our Handyman Services team has the proper equipment and know-how to give these cabinets a factory appearance while maintaining contemporary look our clients loved. Even though this transformation is subtle, the satisfaction our clients received by simply not having to look at the scratches and drips that existed before made the whole process well worth it!



Enclosing the Fridge

The most obvious transformation was the custom cabinetry we provided to enclose the fridge and to give the kitchen a finished look.



Electrical Updates

The lighting above the island wasn’t sufficient enough for our clients’ needs. They also had a few fixtures throughout the house that needed to be installed. Our team provided them with the perfect set up and the new fixtures added to their unique aesthetic.

Not only will our Handyman Services team take care of all those pesky problems that come from previous ownership, they’ll leave feeling like family! Watch the testimonial video below to hear about our client’s experience working with our Handyman team!

Have some similar issues that need to be addressed in your home? Contact our Handyman Services!