Schloegel’s First Annual Day of Giving

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Last updated on September 13, 2023

Last weekend, we hosted our first, company-wide Annual Day of Giving where our team members came together and donated an entire day of service to a local charity. This year, we were honored to spend the day renovating and landscaping for the Veterans Community Project. The VCP is an organization that aims to provide resources to all those who have raised their right hand and took the oath to protect our Constitution, regardless of discharge status or type of service.

Touring the Campus

We started the day with a tour of the VCP campus. The Outreach Center houses their main offices and also provides a kitchen and meal area, rec room, dentist and physician’s office, and computer center free for veterans to use. After that, we moved across the street to walk the village where they provide tiny homes for unhoused veterans. These homes are completely furnished and stocked with food and other necessities. After veterans move out of housing they get to take all of these belongings with them.

One thing that the VCP understands is how important a furry companion can be. All pets are welcome and are provided with free veterinary services and the village has a dog park!

Getting To Work

After the tour it was time to get to work! We spread out through the campus to tackle several projects. This mobile tiny home was in need of a fresh coat of paint.

One major task was to prime the exterior of this empty auto garage that stood next to the Outreach Center. The VCP will be converting it into a distribution center for donated goods.



With all these hands on deck, the exterior was primed in no time! Our friends with the VCP asked us if we would be willing to move inside and start constructing interior walls for future upgrades. We, of course, said yes because building is what we do best!

It takes a village to landscape a Village!

Over in the village, our team members were busy trimming, mowing, and weeding.

To see us in action, watch the quick video of our full day below!

We were honored to be able to donate our skills and man power to the Veterans Community Project. To learn more about their mission to help veterans in the Kansas City area or to get involved, click the link below!

Veterans Community Project