Charlie Schloegel Breaks Down Our 3-Step Process

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Last updated on September 6, 2023

What does the Design Remodel process really look like? This week, we sat down with Charlie Schloegel and he broke down our 3-Step Remodeling Process and explained what sets SDR apart when it comes to the ultimate client experience.

Discussed within this video:

What’s unique about hiring a Design Remodeler?

The SDR 3-Step Process to Remodeling

“If you can find a company that can do those three things very well you’ll have a very enjoyable remodeling experience. We here are striving for the ultimate client experience though and we take those three things and we take them just a step above.”

  • Step 1 – Design & Planning

“Design and planning is critical to the success of a project once it’s in construction.”

  • Step 2 – Construction

“Our preparedness is what sets us apart. We’ve already made the playbook, we’re just following the plays.”

“We’re very cognizant of our clients living through their remodels. We have to go a step above and beyond what most people do.”

  • Step 3 – Post Construction

“Gone are the days where we’re handing someone a roll of blue tape and saying, ‘Hey, find the imperfections and let us know.’ We find the imperfections, we check it out, we make sure that project is done to the standards of quality that Schloegel has come to be known for over 43 years.”

“By the time we’re leaving, it is a moment where we’re very proud to hand that product back to you.”


Have more questions about our remodeling process? Maybe you like what you hear and are ready to take the leap in to your own remodeling project? Contact us today to get started!