Reflecting on ’22 REMYs – A Chic Bathroom Remodel

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Last updated on August 23, 2023

The Schloegel offices are buzzing with talk of the upcoming REMY awards, and we are busy putting together our submissions for 2023. Looking back at all of the remodeling projects our team has completed over the past year has us reflecting on our 2022 REMY winners, including this chic bathroom remodel, which won Gold and All Star for Design and Plans. We wanted to share a primary suite transformation that is truly one-of-a-kind. The project was designed by the talented Donna Kirsopp, Kenny Choikhit, and Leslie Hatfield and executed by Jeff Penrose and Doug Schauerman

These clients had just moved into a home that met almost all of their needs. However, they knew that the primary suite had more to offer. Both clients had a wish list for the updated space. He wanted a home office and workout area built into the unused attic space off of the primary suite. She wanted a walk-in closet and a bathroom with a more open layout and spa-like atmosphere. Due to the unusual layout and framing, we went through many different design possibilities with them to find their perfect fit!

The Space Before

Divided into numerous separate spaces with clipped ceilings, the bathroom before had a labyrinth effect. The finishings were also outdated. Donna, Kenny, and our clients knew there was much more potential in this unique space.


A Smart New Layout

For the bathroom, we demolished all of the interior walls for a more open layout, replacing one for a relocated toilet room. The oversized bedroom allowed for some of that space to be repurposed for her new walk-in closet, and the adjacent sitting area was opened up, so the square footage didn’t feel like a loss. For the shower, furred-in walls were erected to better utilize the height that already existed, creating a spacious and luxurious double shower. For his space, the attic above the garage was divided into a closet, fitness center, home office, and multiple storage areas. We added a dormer to the exterior of the home to maximize the square footage.





A Dynamic & Chic New Bathroom

This bathroom remodel is a great example of working with the existing architecture, even if it provides a bit of a challenge. The end result is a truly one-of-a-kind space. The old vanity space has been replaced with a luxurious double shower featuring three shower heads, a bench, and multiple body sprayers. The centerpiece of the new space is the oversized tub complete with a large niche for optimal relaxation. The old closet space is now a huge double vanity with four modern sconces, a pull-out grooming drawer, and a purified drinking faucet. To maximize storage and better utilize the unique architecture, custom linen cabinets were installed as well.

For the fitness area/home office, a dormer was added to the exterior of the home, and the space was finished with drywall and vinyl flooring. Multiple windows were added to bring ample light into the space.

These clients were so grateful to have their primary retreat, especially after finding out they were expecting twins shortly after this project wrapped! We are very proud of the work Donna Kirsopp, Kenny Choikhit, Leslie Hatfield, Doug Schauerman, Jeff Penrose, and the rest of the Schloegel Design Remodel team did on this renovation. No wonder this project was a 2022 REMY winner!

Do you have a renovation project idea you feel is a worthy contender? Contact our design team today!