A Patio Upgrade by Our Handyman Services Team

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Last updated on September 28, 2023

Our Handyman Team is always busy with exterior and outdoor projects in the warmer months. Highlighted this week is a patio upgrade designed by Perry Holloway and led by Montana Ralstin, with a helping hand from Mark Garies, Frank Murillo,  and more! These clients have been working hard to create a cohesive look on the interior of their home and decided it was time to prioritize the patio space that leads off of the kitchen and dining area.

The Patio Before

The patio before was a great place to relax in the fresh air and watch tv, but the finishings felt a bit dated and didn’t match the rest of the updated home. One face of the patio was covered in lattice, blocking quite a bit of sunlight, and the lighting fixtures were a bit too traditional for our client’s aesthetic. The large format tan tile also lacked luster. Overall, our clients wanted a more contemporary look.

The Patio After

The new design reduces the enclosed feeling that the previous patio had, with plenty of modern touches. With the upgrades our handyman team provided and the furnishings selected by our clients, the new patio blends well with the rest of the home and feels like a natural extension of the living space.

Construction: Handymen get by with a little help from their friends!

The first major step was tearing out the existing tile. Frank Murillo shows off his job site cleanliness! 

Mark Garies is all smiles spending time outdoors working on this patio upgrade!

New paneling was installed on the ceiling and given a crisp white paint job that did a lot to elevate the space.

New Railings, Tile, & Drainage System


The new black railings provide a sleeker look than the painted wood railings that existed before. The new stone tile in variegated tan and cool gray set in a herringbone pattern provides texture. While installing the new floors, our team also integrated a new drainage system to prevent pooling water.

Lighting Upgrades

Our team replaced the lighting fixtures on either side of the television as well as added some additional hanging lights to provide more focused lighting in the evening hours. For a clean finish, we also added white beadboard paneling to the ceiling.


Our clients love their new space and are already enjoying long summer evenings on their upgraded patio. Need some touch ups made to your outdoor space? Contact our Handyman Services Team!