The Schloegel Handyman Team Helps a Coworker

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Last updated on January 14, 2021

The Schloegel Handyman Team takes the idea of the Work family one step further. Nic Juncos had been working on remodeling his home and Judd Galloway, a fellow Handyman, offered to help. Judd knew he needed to recruit additional help when Nick took him up on his offer of help. Judd and Kirk Thomas reached out to the entire Handyman team to ask for everyone’s help. Nearly the entire team, within minutes, responded they would be there…no questions asked. They’d happily give up their Saturday to help a coworker.

Nic and his wife purchased their home several months ago and it needed a lot of work. The home required new support beams, a sub floor, and flooring. The bathroom and kitchen needed to be re-done and every wall required fresh paint. In addition to the home remodeling project, Nic and his wife welcomed a baby girl 6 months ago so saying life is hectic would be an understatement. Nic was getting as much done on nights and weekends as he could but the project was proving to be a huge undertaking.

When Judd offered to help, Nic had no idea he was going to get the full team. Imagine Nic’s surprise when not one but five Schloegel trucks drove up and ten of his coworkers. Everyone was ready to put in a full day of work. They happily brought materials and supplies with them as well as BBQ to share.

Nic had previously demolished the floor and sub floor previously. The team got to work putting in the new support beams and installing the floors.  In the crawlspace, they installed 4 support beams and then leveled up the floors. The team also replaced the old sump pump basin and put in a new one. Nic had been using an old trash can as the basin and Chris Smith decided that wasn’t going cut it long term. Chris graciously purchased Nic a new sump pump basin. Lastly, the team laid the sub floor and laminate wood floor.

When the crew pulled away from the house late that afternoon Nic and his wife had a home with a sound foundation and floors. The team was able to help complete several projects which would have taken Nic months to do by himself. The home is now much closer to move-in ready.

It is truly awesome to see a team go above and beyond in a selfless act of kindness for a friend and coworker in need. We are so lucky to have such wonderful people working at Schloegel and could not be prouder!