A Review of Trends & Tips for the Bathroom

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Last updated on January 14, 2021

We hosted our Smart Remodeling Workshop Tuesday evening at the Schloegel Design Remodel office where Designer Megan Bringman and special guest Mellody Jurgeson of Grandview Winnelson discussed Trends and Tips for the Bathroom. Megan and Mellody went over 10 Things in Design Trends You Need to Know Before Renovating Your Bathroom.

  1. Heated Floors
  2. Freestanding Tubs
  3. Steam Shower
  4. Specialty Drains
  5. Shower Options & Fixtures
  6. Euro Shower Doors
  7. Vanity Cabinetry Accoutrements
  8. Quartz Counters
  9. Porcelain (Faux Stone) Tile
  10. Toilets

Heated Floors

Heated Floors warm your feet on what are typically cold floor materials. The heat slowly drifts up making the heat distribution even. The floor can be set on a programmable thermostat so you can turn it on from your bed to make sure the floor is warm and toasty when you’re ready to get up.

Freestanding Tubs

Free standing tubs have grown in Bathtubpopularity over the last few years, in fact, Megan mentioned very few Jacuzzi styled tubs are installed in projects anymore. These beautiful tubs come in many designs and materials with tons of different hardware options.

Steam Showers

Steam showers are very much a luxury item as there are a lot of different elements required to build one such as the glass has to be full height to contain the steam and a generator is required, which must be adjacent to the space. It does provide a true spa experience and some physical benefits.

drainSpecialty Drains

Showers today have many options in drains. A tiled-in drain can be used to create a “wet room” which implies the shower is open to the rest of the bathroom and has no doors. A drain can also be blended into the shower floor material and design. Drains are available in unique designs providing an additional design element within the shower.

shower optionsShower Options & Fixtures

There is an abundance of shower options and fixtures like handheld showers, body sprays, rain heads with a multi-setting option and these all come in many finishes.

Euro Shower Doors

The Euro shower door is the favored door option in remodeled bathrooms today. They showcase the beautiful tiles and fixtures used in the shower as well as create the feel of a larger space.

Vanity Cabinetry Accoutrements

Not only do you have many options in the style and type of vanity you would like but there are also many accouterments to choose from. Megan shared a few she’s used in bathrooms including storage options such as a pull-out drawer with slots for hair dryers and curling irons.

Quartz counterQuartz Counters

Megan mentioned about 90% of Schloegel’s projects today are using quartz counters. They’re the easiest material to maintain and offer hundreds of different looks whether you would like marble or granite.


Porcelain (Faux Stone) Tiles

Porcelain tiles are often the way to go when choosing a floor material for your bathroom. They again offer many different looks with much less maintenance. You can select a tile that looks like marble, travertine, slate, limestone, wood and much more. Porcelain tiles are generally a more affordable option so you can achieve the look you’d like for much less.


Last up, toilet talk. There are so many different options today when selecting a toilet and yes some are luxury options. Bidet seat options include a seat warmer, clean with warm water adjustment, front and back clean, a deodorizer, seat sanitizer and dryer options. Toilets also can come with dual flush, handsfree and soft close options.

After Megan and Mellody discussed the 10 Items in Design Trends You Need to Know they had everyone at the workshop create their dream bathroom by selecting which options they’d include. It was a great, engaging workshop with lots of interesting design options and information! Hopefully, everyone left with ideas they may like to use in their next bathroom.

Don’t miss our next Smart Remodeling Workshop on October 5 where Debby Allmon and Amy Boeshaar will discuss how to Re-Purpose Your Home for Changing Lifestyles.