Is Your Home Ready for the Holidays?

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Last updated on January 14, 2021

Do you cringe when you think about your guests having to use your bathroom? Worry about having enough space to prepare your Thanksgiving dinner? If you’d like to have your home ready for holiday entertaining the time has come to start your remodeling project.

Yes, it seems way too early to be discussing the holidays but large home remodeling projects can take four to six months to complete. While this seems like a large amount of time, it includes design through construction and Schloegel Design Remodel works as efficiently as possible to be done as scheduled.

Schloegel utilizes a design-remodel approach which means you’ll start the process by meeting with a designer. The designer will meet with you, create your design and help you through the product selection. This process can take one to two months. It is time well-spent as we help you make careful decisions on design and finishes and fully investigate engineering changes to your home.

This chart helps outline the different steps that occur within the design process.

Design ProcessOnce the design phase is completed your project will move to the construction phase where you will have a Lead Carpenter. The Lead Carpenter manages your construction process and works to make it as seamless as possible. Don’t worry, your designer will also stay on your project until completion. This ensures everyone is on the same page throughout your project.

Perhaps you have a smaller project which doesn’t require moving walls or changing the location of your appliances and fixtures, an Express Custom Kitchen or Bath may be the right fit to get your home ready for the holidays. Schloegel Express Custom Kitchens and Baths also work with a designer and our quality craftsmen, they simply provide you a remodeled space in a shorter amount of time.

Impress your guests this holiday season! Contact a Schloegel expert to get started on your project as soon as possible!