How do I convert a 1/2 bathroom to 3/4 bathroom inexpensively?

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Last updated on January 1, 1970


I have a half bath I’d like to convert to a 3/4 cheaply but still have it add to the home’s value. There is a toilet at the far end and a vanity cabinet and sink, all on the left wall as you enter the space. There is not enough room for a 36×36 shower base, nor for a 32″ base, to fit in front of the toilet as it faces out, and the floor is tile so I’d rather not tear it up. Is there any possible way to convert the sink area into a shower without the need to cut into the floor? I’ve thought maybe then a small antique table with pitcher and water basin opposite the toilet could substitute for a sink, though brushing teeth in a basin won’t work. I’m afraid the only solution is more than I can afford, e.g. install new drain, move existing fixtures.

Mary Anne

Mary Anne,

I can appreciate you trying to save money in your remodeling project, however, it may be a little difficult to achieve a shower installation without spending some money. A funky installation could do more to detract from the value of your home than to add to it. To meet building codes, there are minimum plumbing fixture clearance requirements. For example, in front of a lavatory (sink), you should have a minimum of 21” to the wall or other fixture. Showers are suppose to be a minimum of 30” square and have a minimum of 24” in front. Regardless of where you install the shower, you will need to install a floor drain thru the floor and connect to a waste line below the floor level. The exception would be if you installed your shower on a raised platform. I suggest you consult with a professional remodeler in your area to see if there is a relatively simple solution to your conundrum. Best of luck to you.