What Does It Take To Install a (Really BIG) Window?

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Last updated on January 15, 2021

Out in the Field With Handyman Don

Don Richeson
Schloegel Handyman Don Richeson

So what does it take to install a window?

Ask Handyman Don Richeson, he knows from first-hand experience. It takes a positive attitude, a little manpower, and an aerial boom lift in this instance!

This client had been having difficulty in finding someone who was willing to take on the replacement of their leaking window. In steps Schloegel Handyman! While installing this large radius, top window for a customer north of the River, we knew that to achieve a quality installation, ensure safety of the client’s home & purchase, and for the safety of our team, we needed to call in the big guns. Big guns, being the pictured boom lift!  Manpower alone could not lift the 800+ pound window off of the driveway and into the opening. After setting the window and checking for square, we will patch drywall, trim the interior, stain the interior trim, paint the wall and on the exterior we’ll patch in the stucco and paint.

Meet Don

don window (1) don window (2)









Do you have a job that had been difficult to find someone to take it on?  Call Schloegel Handyman Service at 816-361-9669 and we’ll help fix what’s bothering you.