Introducing our 2018 Big Splash Recipient, Garrett Haskin

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Last updated on September 20, 2023

We’re excited to introduce you to our 2018 Big Splash Bathroom Giveaway and Ripple Effect recipients!

Meet Garrett Haskin

Garrett Haskin is our 2018 Big Splash Recipient! Garrett was born with Spina Bifida and hydrocephalus which has caused additional issues. Although these conditions require Garrett to utilize KAFO braces, arm crutches and a wheelchair it hasn’t slowed him down in life. At 13 years old, Garrett is a vivacious reader and bird watcher. He’s also a Star Scout in Boy Scouts and volunteers to work with younger children at his church. He loves to play wheelchair basketball, video games, and board games.

A Less than ideal bathroom

Being a teenager is tough, there’s no question about it but being a teenager who often requires help in the bathroom is unimaginable. Garrett’s bathroom has multiple issues preventing him from total independence. The doorway is not wide enough to get a wheelchair through and with four surgeries in 2018 alone Garrett has heavily relied on his wheelchair. Another glaring issue is the tub/shower which is currently out of commission. The bathtub is original to the home and deterioration has caused water to leak into the basement every time it used. Unfortunately, his family hasn’t been able to make the repairs necessary to get the bathtub working again. Garrett has been forced to use his parents small and cramped primary bathroom where he needs to scoot or craw in and his mother has no access for when he needs additional assistance.

Garrett’s mom, Nanette, has dreamed of having a repaired bathroom and widened door. She knows it will provide Garrett with the independence every teenager deserves. It will also prove much safer for him and peace of mind for her. She says she often helps him into the primary bathroom and waits patiently outside listening if he needs help.

We can’t wait to take on the Haskin bathroom and go a little further than just fixing the tub and widening a door. When we are done in their home early next year our goal is to have left a bathroom with all the necessities Garrett needs for today and moving forward!

Introducing Ripple Effect Recipient – Robby Brown

Robby is a sweet boy who was born with Angelman syndrome (AS) and has Albinism. He has suffered developmental delays and seizures associated with the disorder. He is legally blind, unable to speak and has no mobility. Robby’s wonderful family has dedicated their all to ensure his needs are met.

Unfortunately, their bathroom has caused issues in their care of Robby. Robby’s family home has one small bathroom. His mother, Kirstie, carries him in and out of the bathroom as the door isn’t wide enough for even a child-sized wheelchair. This has become more difficult as Robby grows. His mother has several health concerns of her own causing additional risk. Many people with Angelman syndrome have a love for water and that is definitely true for Robby. Bath time is one of his favorite times of day, but because of the difficult process, he’s not able to be in the water long.

We’re working with Robby’s family to make a few changes to help make life a little easier for Robby’s parents and help him enjoy his bathtub time longer.

Introducing Ripple Effect Recipient – Bethany Serna

Bethany suffered an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) next to her spinal cord that hemorrhaged and she is now a quadriplegic. Despite the challenges thrown at Bethany she maintains her strength and independence. She loves to paint, play with Barbies, spend time outside and pester her older sisters.

Bethany uses a wheelchair for mobility and the doorframe to the bathroom isn’t large enough for her wheelchair which means her parents need to carry her into the bathroom. She also brushes her teeth at the kitchen sink. Just providing Bethany access to the bathroom would substantially improve her independence. She would be able to get in and out herself and do more and more as she grows.

The Schloegel team will be widening the bathroom door at the Serna residence. Hopefully, Bethany will gain more independence in the bathroom as she grows.

We are so thankful for another year where we get to use our skills to help deserving families in the Kansas City area! Our wonderful clients, vendors, subcontractors, and LoveFund for Children make Big Splash possible! Our team will start work on these projects early next year and we will make sure to share how the projects are coming along.