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Last updated on September 22, 2023

The holidays are upon us and to help us get into the spirit we decided to hold a little competition. We created six teams and challenged them to decorate a U-LOAD-IT dumpster. You know, the giant orange rectangular receptacle located outside of many of our projects. For your point of reference, here is an undecorated dumpster.

Yeah, not the typical item one may expect to see decorated for the holidays but definitely made the competition that much more exciting. Each team was given a small budget and challenged to be creative.

It is also the time of year for giving and we wanted to use this competition for good which is why Schloegel will be donating $1 for every vote we receive up to $2,000. U-LOAD-IT is on board too and they are matching the donation up to $500. That means if we can get 2,000 votes, $2,500 will be donated to a charity. What a gift!

We can’t wait for you to see them and hopefully spread the word to vote! Without further ado here are the dumpsters!

You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch

The team obviously decorated their dumpster as the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. I feel it’s only appropriate to call out a few unique things about this dumpster. First of all, Ron Webster volunteered to act as Max and he did a darn good job. Pulling the dumpster may about equal the weight of the Grinch’s actual sleigh once filled with all the Who’s Christmas treasures. And second, the Christmas tree is a nod to Kirk Thomas’s slight addiction to Mountain Dew. Yes, all the ornaments are Mountain Dew cans.

The team selected Angel in the Sky Foundation a local charity that supports Toys for Tots.  Learn more about Angel in the Sky Foundation.

Santa’s Schloegel Sleigh

Who knew Santa’s Sleigh was pulled by a Schloegel branded SUV? This dumpster was definitely a group effort as the homeowner’s also contributed! Doug Drury graciously donned the Santa suit.

Team Santa selected Foster Adopt Connect as their charity. Foster Adopt Connect believes Every child deserves a life free of abuse and neglect which is why they support local foster children and families impacted by foster care. Learn More about Foster Adopt Connect.

Snoopy is Ready for Christmas

This really is a dumpster, promise. The team’s creativity shined through with Donna Kirsopp’s handmade Snoopy. They went ahead and thought they’d claim first with their ribbon before the voting actually commenced but, in all fairness, they did win their subdivisions holiday lighting contest!


Team Snoopy selected Granulosa Cell Tumour Research Foundation, an organization committed to research and sharing knowledge around Granulosa Cell Tumor, a rare type of cancer. Learn more about the Granulosa Cell Tumour Research Foundation.

Our Gift to You

Maybe give this team a call when you need reinforcements on your gift wrapping. If they did this great on a large dumpster imagine how fantastic an actual gift box would look! The team made the custom bow and gift tag but even more impressive is the custom SDR wrapping paper. An important note is the teddy bear is huge, like take up an entire vehicle huge!

The Gift team selected Giving the Basics as their charity. Giving the Basics offers basic hygiene products to people in need across Kansas City. Our products help children attend school feeling fresh so they feel comfortable in the learning environment and they assure adults have the dignity they need so they can gain employment. Learn more about Giving the Basics.

Underneath the Tree

This dumpster is perhaps the largest gift under any tree this year! A full-size Christmas tree is the showcase of this transformation but the bubble lettering is also right on point.

The Tree selected the Veterans Community Project as their charity. The Veterans Community Project is on a mission to eliminate Veteran homelessness by providing transitional-housing and enabling access to exceptional 360-degree service solutions. Learn more about The Veterans Community Project.

The team also took their decorating one-step further and donated the tree and all the lights to the Veterans Community project to help bring a little more extra joy this season. It’s truly awesome they went the extra step to decorate with donating in mind!

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Twas the night before Christmas, when all in the dumpster, Lots of creatures were stirring, but maybe not a youngster;

The tinsel was hung around the dumpster with care, In hopes that the Schloegel Santa soon would be there;

The homeowners were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of their new kitchen danced in their heads;

Ok, we won’t do the whole thing but you get the idea. The Schloegel Santa (Jake Schloegel) is coming to town! The lights on the porta-potty were a nice touch too!

The Santa is Coming to Town team selected Mother’s Refuge as their charity. Mother’s Refuge provides shelter and educates homeless, pregnant and parenting young women. They provide comprehensive services that empower these women to make successful life decisions for themselves and their babies. Learn more about mothersrefuge.org.

Take a minute to vote on the dumpster you believe has the most holiday cheer. Voting ends Friday, December 21. Thank you in advance for participating and helping support a good cause!

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