Introducing Olivia’s Big Splash 2023 Recipient, Lottie Ireland

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Last updated on May 23, 2023

They say the best gifts are the ones you give; this is so very true for us! Last Friday, we let this fantastic family know they’d receive a new bathroom next year. We’re excited to introduce this year’s Olivia’s Big Splash Bathroom Giveaway recipient, Lottie Ireland!

Lottie Ireland

Lottie is an incredible nine-year-old with an infectious smile. She loves music and toys that light up and make noise. Lottie was born with TBCK syndrome, a rare neurogenetic degenerative disease that causes intellectual and physical disabilities and seizures. This means she depends on care from her family, and as the disease progresses, it will be even more challenging for their family.

When we learned Lottie’s favorite place is to be in the bathtub, and she loves water, we knew we had to create an improved bathroom for her! One that will fit her needs now and for all her future needs.

Lottie’s Current Bathroom

The Ireland family of five shares one main and one-half bathroom in their home. Their full bathroom is quite small and has a standard alcove tub/shower. The standard door is wide enough for Lottie’s chair. There also isn’t enough room to maneuver her chair in the bathroom. Lottie’s parents must carry her in and lift her in and out of the bathtub. This gets a little harder every year.

A new bathroom will also make it easier for Lottie’s two younger siblings. Their entire family will benefit from it, and we can not wait to start!

Kelly Summers, CKBR, and Leslie Hatfield will work with Lottie’s family to create a bathroom that fits all their family’s needs and looks beautiful! Our team will ensure the Irelands have the bathroom resources they need while their main one is out of commission. We’ll make sure to update you as the project kicks off.