January 1, 1970

Our final highlight of some of our favorite “smart” kitchen gadgets in kitchen remodels.

The AGA iTotal Control Range: There are many options available if you want to control your appliances over WiFi, but how about an oven with its own SIM card and phone number? That’s exactly what AGA has done with its latest kitchen-oriented offering, the iTotal Control range cooker. Regardless of whether you’re cooking in one, or all three of its ovens, sending an SMS message to this smart appliance lets you control each one. It even texts you back to confirm whether your commands like “baking oven on” successfully initiate!

The cooker naturally works over WiFi as well, giving you an on-screen emulation of its control panel on either your computer’s web browser or AGA’s iOS and Android apps. An external GSM remote access device — basically a router / modem — connects to the appliance to make it all happen, with cellular service provided by Orange.

We hope you’ve enjoyed some of our favorite picks of modern kitchen remodel conveniences. Contact us soon so we can help you make your kitchen dreams a reality!

AGA iTotal Control Range
AGA iTotal Control Range