Schloegel Handyman and Small Step Energy Solutions Partner to Lower Your Energy Costs

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Last updated on January 1, 1970

Do you live in Missouri? Did you know that Missouri Gas Energy (MGE) and KCP&L offer rebates of up to $1200 if you add at least one efficiency improvement – such as air sealing, insulation or certain windows – to your home?

MGE and KCP&L participate in a national program that provides homeowners with attractive savings and a healthier, more comfortable home.  This new program builds upon a familiar name, Energy Star.  The Energy Star label, found on appliances from dryers to dishwashers, has gone beyond stand-alone appliances. Home Performance with Energy Star now looks at the house itself as a whole system. The program identifies a range of direct and behind-the-scenes steps that enhance comfort – and save money on energy leaks.

A custom assessment, or energy audit, of your home gives you a roadmap and recommendations for which work will be best suited for your home. Schloegel Design Remodel has partnered with Small Step Energy Solutions (913-708-8004), a certified energy auditing firm with experience auditing hundreds of homes in the Kansas City metro.

Here’s how the program works:

  • Call Small Step Energy Solutions to complete a thorough diagnostic test using infrared cameras on your home. This is the ‘test in’ for baseline of energy usage/leaks in your house today.
  • Small Step will create a thorough report with specific recommendations.
  • You will select one or more improvements and call Schloegel to implement the improvements.
  • Small Step Energy Solutions returns for a final ‘test out,’ which gives data on the energy you’ve saved for now and for the future.
  • Small Step Energy Solutions handles all paperwork for both utilities to help you get your rebate.

To learn more, visit or visit Small Step Energy Solutions website.

*Rebates apply to Missouri customers only; but both sides of the border can save on energy when they call Schloegel and Small Steps.