January 1, 1970

It’s that time of year, when cobwebs and spiders take center stage with style and October panache. Don’t you wish they’d stay there?

Intelligent spiders spin their webs where air is flowing, and guess what? Air may be flowing in lots of nooks and crannies. Cobwebs are a sign of air leakage… often lots of air leakage. In a basement, cobwebs hover at unsealed air joists. Even if some insulation is in place, the air barrier isn’t complete. The lack of air sealing with caulk or foam means that air (and pests) enter your home through the slightest opening to puff up those cobwebs. So some of the dollars you’re paying each month to heat or cool your home is wafting outside every day.

To stop providing spiders with free rent, consider a home energy audit. This diagnostic evaluation of your home identifies where improvements would stop leaks, save money and decidedly improve your comfort.

Schloegel Handyman Services & Small Step Energy Solutions have teamed up to provide a custom energy audit and the help you need to ensure your home is as efficient as it can be. Small Step Energy Solutions (913-708-8004) can help guide you through the process of a thorough assessment of your home. And if you live in Missouri, Small Step can explain rebates available through MGE and KCP&L. Learn more here.